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Adult Learning Opportunities

Adult Learning Opportunities

Facilitating Powerful Girl Experiences Begins with Adult Training.

Successful troops are those with adults working together. Adult trainings are suggested for all adult members (not just troop leaders). These trainings are where you will gain new skills, learn how to assist troop leaders, and begin to create a collaborative team atmosphere for your troop. Please scroll through to discover all the training opportunities. 

Have questions about adult training? Please email

Register for All Adult Learning

Register for All Adult Learning

Blended trainings start by going to gsEvents on our website/Event or through your myAccount/events and scroll to discover all the opportunities.

In gsEvents, register for an in-person training date. The online training courses will be assigned to you by staff and will be available in your gsLearn account. You will receive email notification of course assignment to complete prior to attending an in-person training.

On-demand courses are in gslearn either on your dashboard or in the Content Library. There are many supportive trainings to support you through badges, traditions, bridging, age levels and more. See Additional Adult Leadership for more details, click here.

New Co-Leaders training courses are assigned in your gsLearn account upon completion of becoming a member, approved background and signing up as a Co-Leader. See New Co-Leader for more details, click here.

CPR/First Aid training register for an in-person training date and the online course is assigned to you by a vendor. See CPR/First Aid for more details, click here.

Outdoor trainings courses are assigned in your gsLearn account upon registration to an in-person training date. See Outdoor for more details, click here. 

New Leader Training

New Co-Leader Training

Training for new leaders consists of Core-four on-demand Learning Paths and other supportive trainings. Once your New Troop Is set-up with our Recruitment Team, our Customer Engagement Team will assign you the trainings through gsLearn. The Core-four on-demand webinars are required for new leaders and highly suggested for troop helpers include:

Introduction:  Learn about Girl Scouts of Citrus and your training roadmap and agreements.

Co-Leader 101: GSUSA the Girl Scout Ways and Girl Scout Leadership Experience, learn about Girl-Led, Discover, Connect, and Take-action. And so much more.

Co-Leader 102: Understand Troop Operations and your online resource called the Volunteer Toolkit – Troop Leader view. How to build and manage your troop along with an online tool to organize your troop.

Co-Leader 103: Learn about the Well Being and Development of the girls. How to Facilitate a Virtual Troop Meeting.

Co-Leader 104: Get Outside From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long, storied, and successful history of getting girls outdoors. It is connecting with nature in a girl-led setting is a big benefit of belonging to Girl Scouts.

Co-Leader 105:  Manage you troop information from your myAccount and other resource guides from GSUSA and Girl Scouts of Citrus.   

Co-Leader 106:  Learn about the progression for girls. Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Essentials. Learn about the successes of each age level.  

COVID Guidelines:  Click here for current guidelines.  

Additional Adult Leadership Training

Additional leadership trainings for all members available through on-demand courses include:

  • Age Progression – getting from here to there, Daisy to Ambassador.
  • Troop Fall Product Chair
  • Troop Cookie Chair
  • All About Cookie Booths
  • All About social media
  • GIFTs for Girls
  • Mega Drop Volunteer
  • Volunteer Toolkit – Caregiver view
  • Bridging and Traditions
  • Badges
  • Virtual meetings
  • And so much more
First Aider Training

First Aider Training

First Aider: A general first aider is an adult volunteer who has taken Girl Scout approved first aid and CPR training that includes specific instructions for adult and pediatric CPR, first aid, and AED as well as AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) training that minimally, includes face to face, hands-on skills check for:

  • Checking a conscious victim
  • Checking an unconscious victim
  • Adult & Pediatric CPR
  • Adult & Pediatric Conscious chocking
  • Controlling bleeding
  • Sudden illness

CPR/First Aid Certification

This certification is required for the troop first aider role and highly suggested for troop leader and troop helper roles. You will gain knowledge and skills for emergency life-saving techniques involving children and adults. The approved blended format is available to register on gsLearn.

Click here for CPR/FA approved vendors

Click here for Safety Activity Checkpoint, First Aid kits and more.

Advance First Aider:  An advanced first aider is an adult with general first aid certification with additional health, safety, or emergency response expertise such as, for example, a physician; physician’s assistant; nurse practitioner; registered nurse; licensed practical nurse; paramedic; military medic; wilderness training, certified lifeguard, or emergency medical technician (EMT).

Wilderness First Aid Certification (Level 2 First Aid) Learn how to handle common injuries and illnesses when medical care is 30 minutes away or more. This two-day course is required for those who will travel with girls to remote locations, where medical care is 30 minutes or more away.

Become an approved CPR/First Aid an Instructor or Vendor for Girl Scouts of Citrus.

We rely on CPR/First Aid Instructors to help our volunteer meet the Troop Leader requirements of an adult volunteer trained in CPR/First Aid for adults and pediatrics and AED.  To become an approved instructor or vendor, please submit the Vendor Request Form below. Please note, the approval process can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Click here to submit your credentials.  

Community Team

Community Team

Successful communities are a group of adults working together with a local presence. Community team roles provide the guidance and support to each troop leader and parents in their local area. Girl Scouts of Citrus hosts twenty-six local communities in our six-county area. Each Team leader is trained and supported by Girl Scouts of Citrus staff.  Trainings for each Community role are assigned through our gsLearn platform. Annually Community Team Leaders attend Community Team Conference for volunteer development, deep dives into volunteer roles and more.

Community Team Leaders are integral to the management and growth of a local community. Work with your Community Champion and Relationship Manager (Staff) or your community team leader to be a part of the team. 

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training

Camping Skills

Camping is long tradition in Girl Scouts and has multiple levels of progression and skills. Adults need to be trained to support the progression and safety for the girls.

For Camping – Girl Scouts of Citrus (GSC) requires that at least one adult must be trained and currently certified as a Troop Camper in the level of camping the troop/ group is participating in. In addition to adhering to the correct adult-to-girl ratios. (Please refer to the GSC website under Volunteers for more information)

The trained Troop Camper accompanies the girls on any camping, hiking, cooking, and backpacking trip. The Troop Camper must work with the girls prior to camping to prepare them for the trip which may include, but not limited to packing, meal planning, cooking, outdoor activities, badges, and safety.

All Adult outdoor trainings are a blended learning experience: gsLearn online courses and in-person skill training.

To start your training, go to gsEvents on our website/Event or through your myAccount/events. Register for an in-person training date, gsLearn courses will be assigned by staff and completion of the online courses is required to attend in-person training. 

COVID for Camping Guidelines

Troop Camper Level 1 Training

Troop Camper Level 1 Training

Troop Camper Level 1 training course qualifies a Troop Camper to be able to

  •  Take girls camping, where they will sleep in a structure or a tent on a non-primitive campsite.
  • Girls will also be able to have a campfire and cook outdoors using fire, charcoal, and propane.
  • Campsite must have: Running water, Flushing toilets and Ranger or Site Manager on duty and on location.

Prerequisites: gsLearn Troop Camper Level 1 series.

This course provides basic outdoor instruction for taking your girls cabin or tent camping. Instruction includes fire safety, knife safety, knots, outdoor cooking using wood fire, charcoal, and propane, plus an introduction to Leave No Trace Principles and girl-led outdoor experience progressions (planning for and doing).

A Troop Camper Level 1 trained adult is responsible for training girls in these skills, along with all other adults attending troop camping trips. Recommended for troop leaders and troop helpers.

Troop Camper Level 2 Advanced

Troop Camper Level 2


Troop Camper Level 2 Training course qualifies a Troop Camper to be able to

  • Take girls advance camping Semi-primitive campsite.
  • Girls will also be able to have a campfire and use advanced cooking skills, Dutch Oven, Box Stove, alternate fire starter methods for cooking in the woods.

Prerequisites: gsLearn Troop Camper Level 1 Certificate and gsLearn Troop Camper Level 2 gsLearn Learning series.

This training is required training to take girls hiking and advance cooking. Take your camping experience one step further! Learn about girl-adult partnerships, planning, and preparedness skills, and gain an understanding of the Leave No Trace principles. Includes knives, bow saws, hatchet, knots, and other advanced outdoor skills.

A Troop Camper Level 2 trained adult is responsible for training girls in these skills, along with all other adults attending troop hiking or camping trips. Recommended for troop leaders and troop helpers.

Outdoor Enrichment

Recertification of Camping Skills

Effective June 1, 2020, all Outdoor Skilled certified leaders will need to take the new 1-day Troop Camper Level 1 hybrid training. Previous Outdoor Skill trainings included but not limited to: OS I, II, II, IV; Cabin, Tent or Advance.

The new training that has been developed with new guidelines and current information that has come from GSUSA as well as a complete rewrite at Girl Scouts of Citrus Council. The training is taking a more relevant and hands on approach to help incorporate girl progression and delivery, as well as skill-based assessments. There is a gsLearn learning path assigned prior to the in-person skill assessment day where skills will be evaluated by a trainer.