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Learning Opportunities

Welcome, Girl Scout Volunteers!

You belong to a network of nearly one million adults who share an important commitment: Preparing girls to lead successful lives.

Now you can prepare yourself to be a more successful volunteer!

This is your one-stop training spot! Here, you will find a breakdown of all learning opportunities!

Leadership Courses 

(required for all troop/group co-leaders)

Girl Scout 101

Girl Scouting 101 is a national online orientation introducing all new volunteers to our organization. It includes information on the history of our movement, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (National Program Portfolio), program resources, cookies and safety tips. This course is offered online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Complete your Girl Scouting 101 now

Citrus Welcome

If you are a brand new leader, please join us for Citrus Welcome.  One of the first trainings you'll complete in your new volunteer training journey. You'll learn about how to get started in leading a Girl Scout troop and conducting a parent meeting.

Once you have completed your registration for this training, in you MyGS, click on My Activities and a pdf will be available with the links to the video and survey. 

Questions, contact

Prerequisite: Girl Scout Membership and Eligible Background Check, Girl Scouting 101, Troop/Group Welcome and Volunteer Essentials class.

*After registration, your webinar link will be available, via pdf, by visiting the My Activities tab of your MyGS Account.*


Questions? Contact

On-line Training Videos  - these are available anytime so you can take them at your leisure.  You will be asked to complete a survey questionnaire at the end of each course to fulfill the requirement.

Volunteer Essentials

The Volunteer Essentials class will help you understand the fundamentals of running a Girl Scout troop/group. You'll learn about your role as a Girl Scout volunteer, we'll point out things to consider about creating a safe space for the girls, we'll go over how to manage troop finances and what you need to do to take the girls on a field trip. All of your basic questions are answered!   

PREREQUISITE:  Girl Scout Membership, Eligible Background Check, Girl Scouting 101 and Troop/Group Welcome


Questions? Contact



Girl Scout Leadership Experience

The National Program Portfolio has two main parts - the National Leadership Journeys and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting. These two resources are the core of the Girl Scout curriculum. They have been designed to help girls develop as leaders and build confidence by learning new skills. Journeys only come to life when girls and volunteers sprinkle in their own interest, talents, creativity and imagination to shape the Journey experience. Badges from the Girl's Guide compliment the Journeys by helping girls build skills on specific topics. This course will help volunteers understand how to use the National Leadership Journeys and The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting as well as provide information about other Girl Scout program pieces.

Prerequisite: Girl Scout Membership and Eligible Background Check, Girl Scouting 101, Troop/Group Welcome and Volunteer Essentials class.



*After registration, your webinar link will be available, via pdf, by visiting the My Activities tab of your MyGS Account.*

Questions? Contact



First Aid/CPR

This training meets OSHA Guidelines for First Aid Programs. Basic First Aid will cover how to identify and deal with various medical emergencies. Some of the areas covered will be bleeding, burns, breaks and heat related emergencies. CPR/AED will cover adult, child and infant CPR. Students will be instructed on how to operate and use an Automated External Defibrillator machine (AED) as well as learn how to handle choking situations.

PREREQUISITE: Girl Scout Membership, Eligible Background Check and Girl Scouting 101.



From the backyard to the backcountry, Girl Scouts has a long, storied, and successful history of getting girls outdoors. In fact, many Girl Scouts tell us “camping trips” are one of the best things about their Girl Scout experience. It’s true: connecting with nature in a girl-led setting is a big benefit of belonging to Girl Scouts.

This training introduces the basic knowledge you will need to take your girls outdoors. It is interactive, educational and completely online. This is also the pre-requisite for all Outdoor Training as well as the Camp Recertification Booklet.

This training is required for any volunteer wanting to participate in an outdoor experience with girls, such as:

  • Any day activities in the outdoors and/or
  • Sleeping overnight in a structure with NO outdoor cooking or campfires

Training Fee: No Fee for this course

All participants attending this course must be registered volunteers with the GSUSA

Get Outside - Online Basic Outdoor Training

To complete the Get Outside – Online Basic Outdoor Training, participants will need to watch all the videos and answer all of the questions correctly.

Time needed to complete - Approximately 45 minutes
Link for Training: Get Outside – Online Basic Outdoor Training

Once you have completed and passed the virtual training, you will receive a confirmation email.  

This training is a perquisite for Camp out Level 1 In-Person Training 


Troops must have a Girl Scout trained Troop Camper to accompany them on any camping trip. The Troop Camper must work with the girls prior to camping to prepare them for the trip which may include, but not limited to: packing, meal planning, activities, badges and safety. 

Trainings required to get outside and camp with the girls:

1) Get Outdoors – Basic Outdoor Skills – Training Method is Virtual

  1. This is required for Any Volunteers wanting to participate in an outdoor experience

2) Camp Out Level 1 – Outdoor Skills – Training Method Virtual and In-Person

  1. This next step is required in addition to step 1 for Any Volunteers wanting to participate in outdoor experiences and Camping
  2. Complete Virtual Training
  3. Attend 1-day in person training

Please Note: Both virtual trainings must be completed prior to attending the in-person training.

Training required to go primitive camping with the girls:

  1. Camp Out – Level 2 – Advanced – Training Method In-person

Training Fees:

  • Get Outdoors Virtual – No fee
  • Campout Level 1- Virtual and In-person - $20.00 per participant
  • Campout Level 2- In-person - TBD

All participants attending this course must be registered volunteers with the GSUSA

Tagalongs are not permitted at trainings

Below find the detail definitions, registration steps and dates. 


Get Outdoors - Basic Outdoor Skills

Get Outdoors – Basic Outdoor Skills: This Virtual Training is a Prerequisite, be sure to complete the Virtual training.

Below is a link to the training:
Basic Outdoor Training – Get Outside

Campout Level 1 - Outdoor Training

This training is your next step in outdoor training and is required if you intend to: 

  • Camp overnight in tents and/or cabins in a non-primitive setting
  • Facility must have running water, restrooms with flushing toilets and an onsite Camp Ranger or Site Manager
  • Cook outdoors using a variety of methods
  • Have a campfire during your outdoor experience

Campout Level 1 training is an integrated format for Getting Outdoors and Camping with our girls. The process includes Virtual and In-Person experiences. Here are the steps needed for you to attend the Camp Out - Level 1 in-person training.

Level 1 – Outdoor Training both Virtual and In-Person:

Both online courses are prerequisites and must be completed prior to attending the in-person session. 

Time needed to complete Virtual Training: approximately 30-45 minutes participants must complete and pass this training prior to attending the class.

Activity Materials: Once you have registered for the “Camp Out – Level 1” your webinar link will be available, via pdf, by visiting the My Activities tab of your MyGS Account it will be listed as:

  • Get Started with Campout Level 1 Virtual Training – pdf
  • Outdoor Level 1 – Needs assessment pdf

To attend In-Person training: Confirmation email will be prior and includes a supply list

Time needed for In-Person:

  • Attend the 7-8 hours in person training
  • Check in begins at 8:30am, Program begins promptly at 9:00 am, Check out: 5:00pm (This is a one-day course)

Training Dates – Camp Out Level 1 - In-Person

  • Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center: January 25, February 29, March 14, April 25 or May 16
  • Riverpoint Program Center: March 14
  • Pine Castle Scout House: April 18

Please note, Camp Out – Level 1 training will need to be renewed every two years. (Renewal process will include a variety of options- such as taking next level courses or workshops etc.)


Re-qualification ensures the Troop Camper has engaged in the policies and outdoor camping skills with the girls.

2020 policy for recertification:

The policy of Girl Scouts of Citrus is a Troop Camper will re-qualify every 2 years. Volunteers may re-qualify by attending continuing education camping and outdoor skills workshops or attend Outdoor Skills Level 2- Advance.

Outdoor Skill Re-Qualification Assessment will only be available until June 1, 2020 for anyone that had taken the prior Outdoor Skills training. At that point it will only be valid for 1 year. 

Outdoor Skill - Re-qualification

The Re-Qualification workbooks are in a writable format.

  • Click the following link for the training: 
    Basic Outdoor Training – Get Outside
  • Outdoor Skills Tent Camping Re-Qualification Assessment
  • Outdoor Skills Cabin Camping Re-Qualification Assessment
  • Outdoor Skills Advanced Camping Re-Qualification Workbook

When the workbook is complete, please email it to Customer Care at or mail the workbook to:

Girl Scouts of Citrus
341 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL  32803

After review of the workbook, you will be notified that your qualification has been extended.