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There is power in every girl

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Virtual Info Sessions

Girl Scout Information Night TBD       TBD

Girl Scouts of Citrus
Membership Events!

Brevard Events

There are no events scheduled at this time, please check again later.

Volusia County Events

September 24th 2022 | Girl Scout Meet & Greet / Parent Info Night

Deltona Presbyterian Church
2300 Howland Blvd 32738
3:00 pm to 5:00 PM

Orange County Events

September 24 - 10am - 3pm

       Oakland Nature Preserve Nature Fest!

        747 Machete Trail, Oakland, Fl, 34760 

September 24 - 3pm - 5pm

       Community Bridging Ceremony at Martin Luther King Jr park

        1050 W Morse Blvd, Winter Park, Fl, 32789 

October 1 - 11am - 1pm

      Star Wars at 4 Roots Farm

      1918 W Princeton St, Orlando, FL 32804       

October 15 - 5pm - 7pm

        Rollerskating Party at Semoran Skateway

       2670 Cassel Creek Blvd, Casselberry, FL, 32707        

October 24  - 6pm - 8pm

        Savannah Sampler at Taft Community Center

        9450 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL, 32824    



Seminole County Events

There are no event scheduled at this time, please check again later.



Osceola County Events

There are no event scheduled at this time, please check again later.

Lake County Events

October 4 - 5pm - 8pm

        National Night Out in Downtown Clermont

       Waterfront Park, Clermont, FL, 34711 


Become a Girl Scout

Right now, Girl Scouts are meeting furry friends at their local animal shelters, giggling past lights-out at sleepovers, and learning how their favorite roller coasters work.

Above all else, they’re having a blast—because they know bringing the fun is all about being their true selves, trying new things, and cheering each other on.

Get ready to join the crew and bring a bit more happy to your life.


What are the membership requirements for girls?
Membership in Girl Scouts is granted to any girl who:

  • is currently enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade;
  • has made the Girl Scout Promise and accepted the Girl Scout Law; 
  • has paid annual or other applicable membership dues.

What are the membership requirements for adults?
Membership in Girl Scouts is granted to any adult who:

  • is at least 18 years old OR is a high school graduate (or equivalent);
  • accepts the principles and beliefs as stated in the preamble of the Girl Scout Constitution; and
  • has paid annual, lifetime, or other applicable membership dues.

What do Girl Scouts do?
Most girls participate with a group of girls of about the same age, known as a troop, that is organized by adult volunteers. In a troop, girls earn badges for each new skill they learn and challenge they overcome. Badges are grouped into four areas—outdoors, entrepreneurship, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and life skills. Girls can also participate in events held by their Girl Scout council and go to camp. As girls enter middle school, they can dig deep into what interests them—they might learn to code, make a PSA, travel to new places, or go on an outdoor adventure. Did we mention the potential for earning college scholarships? Learn more about the different ways to participate

NOTE: Programming and activities will differ temporarily in light of COVID-19. We are working hard to adapt to girls’ needs to keep them connected, engaged, and inspired from home and online. Girls can still earn badges; build new skills; participate in virtual events; help their communities through safe service projects; learn how to protect the environment; explore (STEM); and more.

What Girl Scout activities are most popular?
Girl Scouts offers programs to match almost any girl’s interests. Whether it’s camping and hiking, engaging in awesome science and math activities, exploring the environmenttraveling the globe, learning first aid, running a cookie business, or building stronger friendships, girls discover all kinds of activities that stimulate their brains and strengthen their bodies. Looking for something else? Girl Scouts also lets girls build a unique experience around their own specific interests.

NOTE: Although outdoor activities are limited right now and travel is suspended because of COVID-19, there is still so much for girls to explore and do as Girl Scouts. Her experience will look different for the time being, but it will remain unique, enriching, and life-changing. We’re here for her—adapting to meet her needs every step of the way. 

What is the best age for a girl to join Girl Scouts?
Any age is a good age to become a Girl Scout! We offer programs for girls from kindergarten through high school. Learn more about Girl Scouts by age group (or grade level).

NOTE: Programming and activities will vary temporarily because of COVID-19. We will continue to adapt as the situation evolves. 

Is there anything for former Girl Scouts to do as an adult?
We also have an excellent  alum network   for adults.

When can we join?
Right now! In fact, it's always a good time to join Girl Scouts. Join before the new school year, or any time that works best for your family. We’re flexible and can tailor your girl’s experience to her needs, even in challenging times like these.

How much does it cost to join Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts is a great value! Dues start at just $25 for the membership year beginning October 1. Your girl can also start her Girl Scout adventure now through an extended-year membership. 

Optional costs may also include a Girl Scout uniform and program fees for select activities. Of course, we don’t want cost to be a barrier, so don’t hesitate to ask  Girl Scouts of Citrus council  about financial assistance.

What about safety?
Safety is a top priority for Girl Scouts. All activities are supervised, and we provide our volunteers with top-notch training and program resources. We also follow comprehensive safety guidelines tailored to individual activities and girls' ages. And right now, we’re continually adapting our programming and activities to promote the utmost safety and follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state recommendations for social distancing. 

We are also working hard to ensure that girls stay safe online. Different types of virtual events will have different protocols that keep girls safe, such as only identifying girls by first name and requiring registration or passwords to join. Plus, the names of the attendees are not shared with the audience, and access to registration information is limited to GSUSA and local council staff only. Each troop can also set its own safety practices for online troop meetings.

How do I sign her up?
It's easy! Just click "Join Us" under “Become a Girl Scout!” to fill out a registration form, and we'll direct you to your local Girl Scout council to find a troop or another opportunity near you.

Can parents and adults volunteer?
Yes! Be her cheerleader, guide, and mentor, helping her develop skills and confidence that will last a lifetime. Right now, you can also volunteer virtually and keep girls engaged and inspired in challenging times. Volunteer today.

What she gets from joining Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts are happy and confident, and they thrive on new adventures and experiences. 

A Girl Scout knows she's having fun, but you'll know she's also gaining:

Important financial literacy skills (math, anyone?) as she participates in the largest girl-run business in the world—the Girl Scout Cookie Program

  • Healthy relationship skills that will help her navigate through her school years, especially as she moves into middle school and high school
  • Knowledge that will help her in science classes as she builds robots, conducts amazing experiments with her friends, or explores the natural world around her
  • Leadership skills that will make it easier for her to speak up in class and advocate for herself and others

Girls become more empowered as they move through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience—a data-driven approach to what girls do and how they do it. Through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls discover new things, connect new skills to the real world, and then take action to use what they’ve learned to help their community! Every Girl Scout experience is girl-led and focuses on cooperative hands-on learning.

Underneath the fun, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience benefits girls in five important ways:

    Girls develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, and form positive identities.
    Girls act ethically, honestly, and responsibly, and show concern for others.
    Girls take appropriate risks, try things even if they might fail, and learn from mistakes.
    Girls develop and maintain healthy relationships by communicating their feelings directly and resolving conflicts constructively.
    Girls learn how to identify problems in the community, create plans to solve them, and contribute to the world in a purposeful and meaningful ways.

And it doesn't stop there. Joining Girl Scouts helps her excel in every area of her life, including at home and at school. 

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Help Girl Scouts discover their place in the world.

Ever want to forget everybody else’s expectations and just…be you? When you volunteer with Girl Scouts, you’ll be creating a community where being your unfiltered, goofiest, most authentic self is the absolute best thing you can be.

Our local volunteers lead with their hearts and spark imaginations. They help Girl Scouts explore unique interests and unlock their potential.


*Please note that the annual membership fee is a national fee from GSUSA and is non-refundable by Council for new memberships or renewing memberships