Girl Scouts | Girl Scouts of Citrus
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Trailblazers December Weekend
Start Date: Fri Dec 15, 5:30 PM AST
End Date: Sun Dec 17, 12:00 PM AST
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Adult CPR and First Aid In-Person Skill Training 12-16-2023 Osceola
Start Date: Sat Dec 16, 11:30 AM EDT
End Date: Sat Dec 16, 2:30 PM EDT
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Chocolate Kingdom Family Day - 12/17/23
Start Date: Sun Dec 17, 4:00 PM EDT
End Date: Sun Dec 17, 5:00 PM EDT
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Troop Camper Level 2 - Mah-Kah-Wee - 01-13 & 14, 2024
Start Date: Sat Jan 13, 9:00 AM EDT
End Date: Sun Jan 14, 12:00 PM EDT
group of young girl scout daisies hiking with adult volunteer
Troop Year Planner

Being a Girl Scouts is a rewarding and fun adventure. Now we’re giving you the fun-damentals to make every year your best one yet.