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Fall Product


Take a look at Girl Scouts’ best kept secret!
We know you love the beloved Girl Scout Cookies, but have you tried our delicious chocolates and nuts?! Not to mention the huge selection of AMAZING tervis tumblers, organic veggies and scented candles available for purchase! Plus (get this): everything can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep!

Chocolates and Nuts: Order from a Girl!
  • GS Tin

    Girl Scout Tin - Mint Treasures  $10

  • file

    Honey Roasted Mix Nuts w/ Peanuts  $10

  • file

    Whole Cashews w/ Sea Salt  $9

  • Holiday Tin

    Holiday Tin - Caramel Treasures  $8

  • file

    Chocolate Covered Almonds  $8

  • Almond Butter Cups

    Almond Butter Cups $7

  • file

    Black Forest Trail Mix  $7

  • Dark-Chocolate-Mint-Penguins

    Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins  $7

  • Deluxe-Pecan-Clusters

    Deluxe Pecan Clusters  $7

  • Peanut-Butter-Bears

    Peanut Butter Bears  $7

  • Dulce-De-Leche-Owls

    Dulce De Leche Owls  $7

  • Chocolate-Covered-Raisins

    Chocolate Covered Raisins  $6

  • file

    Fruit Slices  $6

  • Salsa-Mix

    Salsa Mix $6

  • Butter-Toasted-Peanuts

    Butter Toasted Peanuts  $5

  • Cranberry-Nut-Mix

    Cranberry Nut Mix  $5

Chocolates and Nuts: Online Only!
  • Gourmet-Blend

    Gourmet Blend Tin $20

  • file

    Jumbo Cashews Tin $20

  • Gourmet-Blend-Almonds-Pecans

    Gourmet Blend Caramel Corn Tin $15

  • file

    The Holiday Tin with Chocolate covered pretzels $8

  • Pistachios

    Pistachios  $8

  • file

    Salt & Pepper Cashews $8

  • Almond-Cranberry-Orange-Crunch

    Almond Cran-Orange Crunch  $7

  • file

    Buffalo Ranch Pretzel Mix  $7

  • Dark-Chocolate-Caramel-Caps

    Caramel Caps with Sea Salt $7

  • file

    Mocha Cups $7

  • file

    Chocolate Covered Peanuts $7

  • file

    Seasoned Dry Roasted Almonds $7

  • file

    Dark Chocolate Pretzels $6

  • Honey-Roasted-Peanuts

    Honey Roasted Peanuts  $5

  • Hot-Cajun-Crunch

    Hot Cajun Crunch Mix $5

  • file

    Dill Pickle Peanuts $5

Magazines and More!

Your favorite magazine subscription is almost up, right?! WAIT! Don't renew until you talk to a Girl Scout! While you're at it,take a look at a tumbler with your favorite team, or start growing your own vegetable garden with our organic Veggies! Order with your local Girl Scout today!

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    Everyday Tervis

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    Organic Veggies

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    Tervis with your favorite MLB of NCAA team

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    Your favorite Magazine Subscription

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