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This pathway offers activities for the same group of participating girls, scheduled over six to eight weeks, relating to a specific theme or purpose.

Series are developed with the intent that each registered participants attend all sessions scheduled throughout the course of the offering, because sessions are designed so that each day builds towards the next and culminates upon the delivery of the last session activity.

Series are thematic in nature and developed to support the council’s program initiatives in the areas of Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM), Healthy Living, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, Environmental Awareness, as well as signature Girl Scout programs


Examples of Series Pathway

  • Group of 25 Girl Scout Juniors participate in a theatre Series at a local University and complete this experience by performing a One Act play they wrote.
  • Twenty Girl Scout Daisies meet once a week for eight weeks to participate in the Change Your World journey.
  • Fourteen Girl Scout Cadettes meet six times to participate in The Love the Law Series.
  • A group of Girl Scout Seniors start a Robotics Team and participate in Robotics Tournaments for 6 months
  • Fifteen Girl Scouts of all ages start a Girl Scout Chorus and sing at all the Council Wide events that are scheduled in a year. 



 Upcoming Series Pathway Programs

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