when you just can't wait for what you'll do next
you can do anything


At Girl Scouts, girls are always counting down to the next adventure we’ll go on together. Maybe it’s artistic. Maybe it’s an experiment. Maybe it’s getting outside or helping the community. With us, you’ll make a bunch of new friends and have a ton of new experiences that show you how exciting the world is, and how awesome you are, over and over again. 


  • Isabella

    "I make a lot of friends in Girl Scouts. I became friends with all the girls in my troop the first night we met, even though most of them go to different schools."

    Isabella gets to do all of her favorite things in Girl Scouts: hang out with her friends, visit Animal Kingdom, play outdoors, and even plan service projects for the World Wildlife Fund.

  • Maia

    "I love water, and everything I do in Girl Scouts revolves around water! I went to Surf Camp, did the Wonders of Water book - I love it."

    Maia knew her passion before joining Girl Scouts as a Brownie: water. She loves everything about it, so makes her Girl Scout experience all about water.

  • Jeannie

    "Girl Scouts has made me who I am - my personality, the way I carry myself and am confident. I consider myself a role model for girls and that's because of Girl Scouts."

    Jeannie has done all things Girl Scouts: outdoor camps, a trip to Europe, every STEM program ever offered, Legislative Days in Washington D.C.

  • Gina

    "One of the first things I did as a Girl Scout is the Cookie Program. You learn so much about money and selling. And it was fun."

    Gina is proof that you don't need to do Girl Scouts in a troop to have a really awesome experience. She joined our Get Real program in 6th grade and is well on her way to a Gold Award.


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