For Girls


​​​​After this, you will look back and say,
"...and it was all because of Girl Scouts."


When Girl Scouts graduate and return to volunteer, they tell stories about travelling abroad to Europe with their friends in high school or climbing to the top of a telephone pole and taking a zipline back to the ground or building a library for a community center.

And when they finish, they say it was all because of Girl Scouts.

Joining Girl Scouts it not like joining a club or a sports team: it's like joining the world's largest sorority for girls...because it is.

Girl Scouts is the world's largest girl organization and runs the world's largest girl-led business: the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Take a peek at all the things Girl Scouts can do. You'll find something for you.


  • Any girl ages 5-18 can find a place in the Girl Scout Program. There are goals to reach at every grade level and activities to make those goals engaging. Whether you participate alongside peers or choose adventures that fit your interests, you'll be earning badges and making a difference in the world around you.

  • The Girl Scout experience is designed to fit into your life. Only interested in attending camp? Perfect. Want to join a troop? We have that too. If participating in events are all you have time for, no problem. You find what works for you through one of our six Pathways and we will make it happen.