Philosophy on Scouterships

Scouterships should only be applied for when all other sources of funding for an individual girl have been exhausted.
The Girl Scout program is designed to be an affordable program for all girls. All efforts should be made by the troop (with girl planning) to provide programming that is funded through profits from the Cookie Program and Fall Product Program. Other approved money-earning projects and reasonable support from families. 
All monies earned by the troop should be shared equally among all the girls and not divided into individual “shares.” The program should show a growth progression that is age-appropriate and costs should reflect this.
For example, Girl Scout Daisy troops should be considerably less expensive than Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador troops. Girl planning includes budgeting and making decisions on what activities the troop can participate in based on the troop’s ability to fund the proposed activity.
  • Guidelines for Scouterships:​

    Limited Scouterships are available, and are based on apparent need and the availability of funds.

    Scouterships will be granted regardless of race, color, ethnicity, creed, national origin or religion.

    Scouterships are available for all girls, either new or reregistering.

    The Girl Scout and her family will be expected to pay a portion of the total expense.

    Scouterships are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.
  • Limited Scouterships are available for:

    All Girl Scout sponsored activities/events and camps on a council-wide, national and international level.

    All GSUSA sponsored destinations listed on the GSUSA website or other material published by the national organization.

    Service unit events.

    Resident and day camp programs.

    Girl Scout grade level appropriate Journey or Handbook.

    Girl Scout Sash with insignia and membership pin.

    GSUSA national Membership Fees for Girls.

Scouterships for Adults

Scouterships for adults are limited and will only be granted for adults who play an active volunteer role in the troop or group. Limited funds may also be available for adults if they need to attend training in order for the girls to participate in a skilled event (ex: Camp training).