Famous Formers

This list of Girl Scout alumnae includes successful women in almost every field.  An amazing 64% percent of today's women leaders in the United States (civic, corporate, political, etc.) were once Girl Scouts!

Bellamy, Carol - Executive Director, UNICEF
Betanzos, Amalia - President/CEO, Wildcat Service Corp
Biggins, Veronica - Vice President, C&S Bank Corp
Chavez-Thompson, Linda - Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO
d'Harnoncourt, Annie - Director, CEO, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Diaz Dennis, Patricia - VP, Gov't Affairs, Sprint, Former FCC Comm
Dole, Elizabeth - Former President, American Red Cross
Falk, Susan - President, Express (clothing retailer)
Fernandez, Lillian - Former Director, Int'l Affairs, Pfizer, Inc
Fields, Debbi - Mrs. Fields Cookies Founder
Heifer, Ricki Tigert - Former Chair, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Juliber, Lois - President, Colgate Palmolive
Katen, Karen - Vice President, Pfizer
Marram, Ellen - Former President, Tropicana
Newkerk, Deborah - President, CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi
Roddick, Anita - Founder of The Body Shop
Yardis, Pam - President, Nat'l Organization of Mgmt. Consultants
Arnold, Sarah Louise - Dean of Simmons College
Ellis Alexander, Marianne - ED, Public Leadership Education Network
Fox, Muriel - Chair, NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund
Futrell, Mary Hatwood - Former President, National Education Association
Hatwood Guttrell, Mary - Former Director, National Education Association
Jones, Elaine - Head of NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund
McAuliffe, Christa - Teacher and Astronaut
McGuire, Patricia - President, Trinity College
Murphy MacGregor, Molly - ED, National Women's History Project
Bush, Laura - Wife of President George Bush, Jr (43rd President)
Carter, Rosalyn- Wife of President Jimmy Carter (39th President)
Clinton, Chelsea - Daughter of Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Gore, Tipper - Wife of former VP Al Gore
Hoover, Lou Henry -Wife of President Herbert Hoover
Johnson Robb, Lynda, - Daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President)
Johnson Turpin, Luci, - Daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson (36th President)
Kennedy, Ethel - Wife of Robert Kennedy (Presidential candidate)
Mondale, Joan - Wife of former VP, Walter Mondale
Nixon, Pat - Wife of former President Richard Nixon (37th President)
Nixon Cox, Tricia - Daughter of Richard Nixon (37th President)
Nixon Eisenhower, Julie - Daughter of Richard Nixon (37th President)
Obama, Michelle - Wife of President Barack Obama (44th President)
Michelle Obama is also the honorary president of Girl Scouts, USA
Quayle, Marilyn - Wife of Former VP, Dan Quayle
Reagan, Nancy - Wife of Ronald Reagan (40th President)
Rodham Clinton, Hillary - US Senator & Wife of Bill Clinton (42nd President)
Wilson, Edith - Former First Lady, wife of Woodrow Wilson
Albright, Madeleine - former US Secretary of State
Babbitt, Hattie - former US Ambassador, Organization of American States
Barshefsky, Charlene - US Trade Representative
Boggs, Corrinne C. - US Ambassador to the Vatican
Browner, Carol - former Administrator-Environmental Protection Agency
Collins, Martha Layne - former Governor of Kentucky
Coone, Jane - former US Ambassador to Bangladesh
Fenwick, Millicent - former US Representative to UN Food & Agriculture Org
Ferraro, Geraldine - former House Representative for New York and VP candidate
Grasso, Ella - former Governor of Connecticut
Herman, Alexis M. - former US Secretary of Labor
Hills, Carla - US Trade Representative
Kassenbaum, Nancy - Senator from Kansas
Kirkpatrick, Jeanne - Former US Ambassador to the United Nations
Klimova, Rita - US Ambassador, Czech & Slovah Federal Republic
Mink, Patsy - US House Representative from Hawaii
Mosley-Braun, Carol - former Senator for Illinois
Mikulski, Barbara - US Senator, Maryland
Ray, Dixie Lee - former Governor of Washington, Chair of the Atomic Energy Commission
Reno, Janet - former US Attorney General
Richardson, Margaret M. - Commissioner-IRS
Schroeder, Pat - first woman congressional representative for Colorado
Shalala, Donna - former US Secretary of Health and Human Service
Sauve, Jean - Former Governor-General of Canada
Swift, Jane - former Governor of Massachusetts
Brothers, Joyce, Dr. - Psychologist; Radio & TV Personality
Bodar, Roberta - 1st. Canadian woman in space
Collins, Brenda - Child Psychologist
Collins, Lt Col Eileen - 1st Woman Space Shuttle Commander Astronaut
Davis, Jan - Astronaut
Fisher, Anna, Dr. - Astronaut
Hughes Fulford, Millie, Dr. - Former Astronaut; Head of Research Lab
Jemison, Mae - Astronaut
Jernigan, Tamara, Dr. - Astronaut
Resnick, Judith - Astronaut
Ride, Sally, Dr. - Astronaut, first woman in Space
Rosenweig, Cynthia - NASA Research Scientist
Seddon, Rhea, Dr. - Astronaut
Sharman, Helen - First British woman in space
Sullivan, Kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut
Thornton, Kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut
Day O'Connor, Sandra - Associate Justice, US Supreme Court
Berry, Linda - FBI Agent
Walls, Juanita - FBI Agent
Watson, Elizabeth - Houston Police Chief
Braver, Rita - Correspondent, CBS News
Chen, Joie -CNN reporter
Couric, Kathleen - Anchorwoman, "Today Show"
DelBarco, Mandelitte - News Broadcaster, National Public Radio
George, Phyllis - '71 Miss America, Program Host for PAX-TV
Hopkins, Jan - Anchor, CNN Financial News
Jones, Star - Co-host, "The View", ABC-TV
Moriarty, Erin - TV Reporter, CBS "48Hours"
Norville, Deborah - Host of "Inside Edition"
Pauley, Jane - TV reporter, "Dateline"
Savage, Terry - Columnist, TV Talk Show Host
Shipman, Claire - White House Correspondent, NBC News
Sweeney, Anne - President, Disney/ABC Cable Network
Walters, Barbara - Anchorwoman of ABC "20/20"
Wafts, Rolanda - Former Television Talk Show Host
Woodruff, Judy - Anchor & Senior Correspondent, CNN
Allison, Jacqueline - Rear Admiral/Navy
Edmunds, Jeanette - Colonel, US Army War Reserve
Elliot, Carol C. - Brigadier General, USAF
Engel, Joan - Rear Admiral, Director, Health & Safety
Fishburne, Lillian - Rear Admiral/Navy
Frost, Kathy - The Adjutant General of the Army
Johnson, Joyce - Rear Admiral, Director, Health & Safety
McGann, Barbara - Rear Admiral/Navy
Paige, Kathleen K - RADM, VSN
Stierle, Linda - Brigadier General
Widnall, Sheila - US Secretary of Air Force--retired
Williamson, Myrna, Gen. - Retired Army General
Anderson, Melissa Sue - Actress (Little House on the Prairie)
Anderson, Marion- Singer
Arroyo, Martina - Soproano
Ball, Lucille - Comedienne
Bergen, Candace - Actress (Murphy Brown and Boston Legal)
Bergen, Polly - Actress
Black, Shirley Temple - Actress and US Ambassador
Carey, Mariah - Singer
Carlisle, Kitty - Actress
Carter, Lynda - Actress (Wonder Woman)
Cass, Peggy - Actress
Chafee, Susy - Entertainer
Danner, Blythe - Actress
Davis, Bette - Actress
Dee, Sandra - Actress
Dion, Celine -Singer
Fanning, Dakota -Actress
Fisher, Carrie - Actress, Author (Star Wars trilogy)
George, Phyllis - Actress
Hayes, Helen - Actress
Holm, Celeste - Actress
Kain, Karen - Prima ballerina
Kelly, Grace - Actress
Lamour, Dorothy - Actress
Lewis, Shari - Puppeteer
Lucci, Susan - Actress (All my Children)
Merchant, Natalie - Singer
Norman, Jessye - Opera Singer
Reynolds, Debbie - Actress
Rivera, Chita - Actress
Shore, Dinah - Actress
Star, Brenda - Singer
Stewart, Martha - TV Personality; Martha Stewart Living
Thomas, Marlo - Actress
Tiegs, Cheryl - Model
Turner, Kathleen - Actress (Romancing the Stone, War of the Roses…)
Tyler Moore, Mary - Actress (Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Warwick, Dionne - Singer
Arias, Anna Marie - Assoc Editor, Hispanic magazine
Edwards, Virginia - Editor, Education Week, and President, Editorial Projects in Education
Eng, Phoebe - Publisher, "A" Magazine
Fiore, Mary - Managing Editor, "Good Housekeeping" magazine
Moore, Ann - Publisher, "People" magazine
Taylor, Susan - Editor-in-Chief, "Essence" Magazine
Wolf, Wendy - Senior Editor, Harper Collins
Ying, Mildred - Food Editor, "Good Housekeeping" magazine
Ackerman, Valede - Women's National Basketball
Bell, Judy - Former President, US Golf Association; amateur golfer
Blair, Bonnie - '94 Gold Olympian Speed Skater
Caponi, Donna - Golfer
Chaffee, Suzy - Skier; World Freestyle Skiing Champion, 1971-73
DeFrantz, Anita - Attorney, Int'l Olympic Committee; '76 rowing bronze
Evans, Janet - '92 800m freestyle gold medallist
Fawcett, Joy - US World Cup Team 1999
Fleming, Peggy - '68 figure skating gold Olympian
Griffith-Joyner, Florence - Olympic gold medalist
Hamill, Dorothy - '76 figure skating gold Olympian
Green, Tina Sloan - President, Black Women Sports
Joyner-Kersee, Jacqueline - '88 Long Jump Gold Olympian
Lobo, Rebecca - WNBA Basketball Player
Lopez, Nancy - Pro-golfer
MacMillan, Shannon - Women's World Cup Member
Marquis, Gail - Olympic Basketball Medalist; basketball commentator
McPeak, Holly - Beach Pro Volleyball
McTiernan, Kerri-Ann - 1st woman coach men's basketball
Powell, Renee - 1st African American Golf Player on LPGA
Richardson, Donna -Fitness Expert
Redman, Susie - Pro-golfer
Rigby-Mason, Cathy - Olympic Gymnast & TV Commentator
St. John Deane, Bonnie - Paralympic Snow Skiing Medalist
St. James, Lyn - Auto Racing; '92 Indy 500 "Rookie of the Year"
Thompson, Jenny - '96 Gold Olympian Swimmer
Williams, Venus - Tennis Pro
Vanderveer, Tara - Women's Basketball
Bombeck Erma, Author
Bloodworth-Thomason, Linda - Writer, TV Producer
Dove, Rita - '93 US Poet Laureate
Landers, Ann - Advice Columnist
Steinem, Gloria - Author
VanBuren, Abigail - Advice Columnist
Viorst, Judith - Author of Poetry Collections, children books
Bourke-White, Margaret - Photographer
Brandon, Barbara - Cartoonist
Elizabeth II - Queen of Great Britain
Gist, Carole - 1st African-American Miss USA
Goodman, Linda - Astrologer
Guisewaite, Cathy -Cartoonist
Princess Anne - Olympian and President of Save the Children
Princess Margaret - former princess of Great Britain, charity worker
Whitestone, Heather - Miss America, '95