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Programming Robots with MYTEK LAB 6/16/2019

Sun Jun 16, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
540 S Hwy 27 - Suite B, Minneola, FL, 34715, USA Map
Badge Journey
Girl Scouts participating in this program will get a chance to explore MYTEK LAB - a unique cross between a technology lab and a makerspace. While in the lab, they will complete all the requirements to earn their Programming Robots badge. 
Programming Robots: Robots are simple machines that are programmed to run automatically. Programmers are the engineers that create step-by-step instructions, or algorithms, that tell robots how to understand and respond to their environment. Start by engineering a simple algorithm, then learn about programming on paper, before you program a “robot�? Brownie friend and on a device.
1.       Create a simple machine
2.       Test your robot senses
3.       Learn about programming
4.       Try simple programming
5.       Code a robot
Purpose: When I’ve earned this badge, I will know how to create a program that could be run by a robot.
Program fee includes: Participation in program and badge (MYTEK BOT mini will be available for purchase by MYTEK LAB). All participants will need to adhere to adult/chaperone ratios. Adults will not be allowed into the lab, but they will be able to watch from the windows in the waiting area.
Registration deadline is June 9th. If we do not meet our minimum number of registrants by June 9th, this program will be subject to cancellation. All requests for refunds must be submitted by June 2nd.
A confirmation will be emailed to you by May 15th. For more information, please contact Victoria Katz at