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Approval Process for High Adventure

Girl Scouts of Citrus Council wants to ensure the safety of our girls, volunteers and staff at all times. By following Safety Activity Checkpoints, Volunteers Essentials and Risk Management guidelines for all events, activities, travel and high adventure opportunities this will ensure the safety of everyone involved. 

What is an Approved Vendor/Activity?

An approved vendor/activity is defined as: a location, facility and/or specific high adventure activity that has participated in a designated approval process that reviews safety, policies, insurance and training. Approval by Girl Scouts of Citrus (GSC) staff must be completed prior to active participation by Girl Scouts. Please refer to the most current Approved Outdoor & High Adventure Vendors.

*Please note: that this list is updated periodically and vendors may change. Please refer to the most current list available.

Which activities require approval?

All high risk/adventure activity needs prior approval from council. High risk is defined as: any activity that requires specialized skills, training, equipment and/or supervision on the part of the participant, instructor and/or the vendor. Examples of these include but are not limited to: Horseback riding, rock climbing, low & high ropes, climbing walls, canoe/kayak, paddleboard, surfing, indoor trampoline, indoor skydiving or shooting sports or locations and/or sites that provide these types of activities.

Which activities do not require approval?

In general, the following activities do not require approval: family fun centers, ice/roller skating, bounce houses and age appropriate arts and crafts. Remember to refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints for all activities to review complete guidelines for the activity such as safety and grade/age requirements.  Contact the facility prior to the activity for any site specific guidelines and requirements such as: waivers, weight & height restrictions, etc.

*Please note: If a venue has multiple activities, some of them may require approval and some may not, be sure to verify prior to participation.

How do I know which guidelines to follow?

For all activities that take place outside the meeting place, the leader/designated adult should complete and submit a TAR,review all Safety Activity Checkpoints, the current Approved Outdoor & High Adventure Vendors and purchase insurance if necessary before the group/troop is scheduled to attend to ensure that all of the guidelines are being followed.

*Please note: Troop Activity Requests (TAR’s) and the request to purchase additional insurance should only be submitted for vendors/activities that are approved.

What if a vendor is not on the list?

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to bring to our girls and volunteers. To request vendors and/or activities to be approved, please submit the Vendor Request Form below. Please remember to plan your activities accordingly, the approval process can take 4 to 6 weeks.

*Please note: submission of this form does not automatically approve the vendor. All requestors will be contacted upon completion of visit. 

For all questions regarding High Adventure Activities, Safety Guidelines or Vendor Approval please email Michelle Rouleau at

Fill out my online form.