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STEAM Education Center

A series of renovations to convert the Mah-Kah-Wee’s Eco-Center into a living laboratory for science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).  The STEAM Center of Excellence will offer girls a progressive way to experience STEAM education and careers, conduct on-site experiments, and explore and learn in a unique girl-centered outdoor leadership environment.

A living laboratory where girls can explore STEAM programs, activities 
and careers, this 250 acre camp has belongs to the Girl Scouts of Citrus since 1970 and is located within minutes from downtown Orlando. Girls will have the opportunity to expand their connection, interest and understanding of STEAM, with the ultimate goal to change the workforce pipeline and attract more young women to careers in STEAM. 

This redeveloped center aims to equip the 21st century Girl Scout with the knowledge and skills to be successful now, as well as in future STEAM careers. The STEAM Center of Excellence will provide girls with the inspiration and experience needed to be leaders in their respective fields. We also hope to stimulate a lifelong love of STEAM education with the uniquely girl-centered experience the camp provides.