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Time to Renew, Girl Scout!

Connecting. Testing her strength. Making a difference. Renew today to make sure your Girl Scout continues to shine her brightest.

She’s ready to explore, learn, and create. She’s ready to come back.

Press play with Girl Scouts and watch her confidence soar.

Paint Your World Purple
655 x 360_Purple_People_2022_CouncilWebBanners

Discover your inner Girl Scout and Purple Person—it’s way easier and more fun than you may think.

Paint your world purple and join us for a virtual event on Thursday, May 19 with actor, producer, parent, and Girl Scout alum Kristen Bell, co-author of #1 New York Times bestseller The World Needs More Purple People, as she chats about what it means to be a Purple Person and completes fun activities to show off those Purple People skills.

Girl Scouts...This is the Way

Troop Contest:

This opportunity for any Daisy, Brownie or Junior Citrus Council Girl Scout Troops to earn a Mandalorian costume for their troop and be invited to an exclusive photoshoot on April 27, 2022 

Troops muct complete atleast One of the following steps:

  1. Renew all girls in the troop by April 15 and be listed on the Catalog
  2. Add at least 2 new girls to your current troop
  3. Be a new fully formed troop (2 co-leader and 4 new girls)

Then after completing Step 1, all you have to do next is submit a brief write up (2-4 paragraphs) of what kind of Girl Scout activities you would do if you were in the world of Star Wars at the link below: 

Entries must be submitted by April 11 to be considered for the Star Wars Photoshoot with Professional Star Wars Cosplayers.

For additional info on this contest click on the image above to view the flyer with contest details. 

Citrus Spring Renewal Incentives

This year we have a variety of Spring Renewal Incentives to help get girls motivated to renew their membership and keep the fun going!

There are individualized incentives, Troop Incentives and Service Community Incentives!

Best of all, the earlier your renew, the more you can earn.  Click on the link below to view all the different incentives we have for Girl Scouts of Citrus Council members this year. 

How to Renew Your Membership

Troop Co-Leaders can log onto gsLearn and view the Renewal section of GSUSA Managing my Troop from MyAccount course for step by step guidance.



Troop Co-Leaders can lalso review these  Step by Step Renewal Instructions for additional support

Trouble Logging In?

Q: Why isn’t my username working?
A: Your username is typically your email address. If you have more than one email address, try each. You can also use the “Forgot Your Password?” link to send a reset email to your email address. If you’re still having trouble, contact your council’s Customer Care team.

Q: Why aren’t I getting the password reset emails?
A: The password reset emails come from, so please make sure it’s added to your safe senders list. If you requested the reset email before marking our email address as safe, check your spam folder. If you’re still not receiving the email, contact your council’s Customer Care team to verify that your username/email address is correct.

Q: How do I reset my password when I no longer have access to the email address associated with my account?
A: Your council’s Customer Care team can easily change your username/email address without requiring you to recreate your account.

Q: Why can’t I see my family when I log in?
A: There are a couple reasons this could happen:

  • Another adult family member may be listed as the preferred contact on the account. That person must log in to renew. Contact your council’s Customer Care team if you’d like to be listed as your household’s preferred contact.
  • You may have a second or duplicate account with a different email address. Try a different username. If that works, be sure to contact your council’s Customer Care team to merge the two accounts into one.

Q: Why can’t I see my troop(s) when I log in?
A: There are several reasons this could happen:

  • Troops are listed on a separate tab from your family. If you have more than one troop, look for the pull-down menu to change between them.
  • Check your member profile to make sure you’re listed as a volunteer in the troop.
  • Not all troop volunteers can access the troop tab. Check with your council to see which volunteer roles they allow to access the tab.
  • If your background check has expired, you may lose access until it is up-to-date.

Remember, you can always reach out to our Customer Care team for additional support

Lifetime Members

Good news Lifetime Members! You automatically get renewed on your membership. All you have to do is ensure you log into your MyAccount and renew your role for the year. 

That's it. After that you'll be renewed for another great year in Girl Scouts!


Not a Lifetime member? You can elect to sign up for a Lifetime member for $200 if you've been involved with Girl Scouts for more than 10 years. Just follow the steps to renew and select Lifetime membership.  

Spring Renewal FAQs

Things You Need to Know

To qualify for any incentive, you must submit your Troop Finance Report by June 30, 2022 and have no debt with Girl Scouts of Citrus.


What is the membership fee?

Annual membership is $25 each for both girls & adults. Lifetime memberships for adults are $400 for members, aged 30 and older and $200 for young alumnae members, aged 18-29. LIMITED TIME: For volunteers of 10+ years, lifetime membership is available for a discounted rate of $200.


What is Extended Year Membership, and who can purchase it?

Extended Year Membership allows both girls and adults to purchase a membership for $35 that is good from now, over the summer, and throughout the next membership year. To be eligible to purchase the Extended Year Membership you must be a brand new member to Girl Scouts or have not had a membership since 2019. *If you had a membership in 2020, 2021, or 2022, you are not eligible to purchase an Extended Year Membership.


What is the Daisy Launch?

Starting April 1st, girls who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall are able to join Girl Scouts now and be full Daisy Girl Scouts for only $35.


How are percentages calculated for Troop bonuses?

Troop percentages are based on the number of girls and adults in your troop as of March 31, 2022.


What if girls on my troop roster have never participated or no longer


We encourage troops to recruit new girls for the 2023 membership year or invite girls from disbanding troops to join their troop during the Spring Renewal Registration period to meet the bonus requirements. For example, if a troop of 10 girls has 3 girls who are not active and/or will not be returning, the troop is invited to recruit at least 3 additional girls to meet the 100% girl benchmark. We highly encourage these new girls to register using the Extended Year option.


How do I recruit new girls?

To ensure your troop is available on the catalog for girls to join, your desired number of girls needs to exceed the current number of girls in your troop. You can update that in your finance report or by contacting our Customer Care team.


What if a new member joins my troop?

Awesome!! A girl or adult who joins using the Extended Year Membership by June 12, 2022 will also be included in the troop qualifiers for the bonuses.


What if a girl will join a new troop in the 2022-2023 year?

If a girl is joining a new troop in 2022-2023, her parent/guardian will be able to select the new troop during the renewal process. Her previous troop will need to recruit a new girl to qualify for the bonus incentive.


What if a girl will join Juliettes in the 2022-2023 year?

If a girl is joining as a Juliette (individual Girl Scout) in 2022-2023, renew her membership and then her parent/guardian will need to contact Customer Care to have her moved to Juliette. Her previous troop will need to recruit a new girl to qualify for the bonus incentive.


I just renewed! Why don’t I show toward my troop numbers?

When you renew your membership, you will also need to renew your role. Please see the Renewal Instruction & Troubleshooting Guide or visit gsLearn to see a demonstration.


Why do I have adults showing as “screening” on the troop roster?

Adults will show as screening until they have completed their background checks. Background checks must be completed every three years.


Trouble Shooting with Technology

What if my log in isn’t working?

Try using a different email address. If that doesn’t work, follow the “Forgot Username?” or “Forgot Password” prompts. If your account is not found, email our Customer Care Team at


What if I cannot see my troop/family?

If you are a troop co-leader and cannot see the “My Troops” tab when you login to myAccount, email us at If you are a parent/guardian and cannot see your Girl Scout’s information under the “My Household” tab, email us at


Troop Renewal Instructions

  • See Renewal Instruction & Troubleshooting Guide and gsLearn.

For more information, contact Customer Care at

** If a troop has a debt with Citrus they will be disqualified from all troop incentives.

**Troop Finance Report must be completed by June 30, 2022.