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When we brag about the success of our alumnae or the impact of our girls, we can back it up.

Girl Scouts of Citrus is proud to partner with the Girl Scout Research Institute in collaborative research that proves the success of Girl Scouts.

Our library consists of national research as well as local publications that highlight the impact of our work and the contributions of our incredible partners. ​

Citrus peel 2020 Annual Meeting Edition

2020 Summer Camp Book

2019 Citrus Peel: Girl Scout Gold Award Edition

Troop Leader Guidebook

Juliette Guidebook

Other Publications

  • peelcover_annual

    Citrus Peel 2019 Annual Edition

  • campbook

    2019 Camp & Spring Program Book

  • citruspeel9cover

    Citrus Peel Vol. 9

  • Citruspeel8cover

    Citrus Peel Vol. 8

  • 2018 Camp Book

    2018 Camp Book

  • GSC-Annual-Report-2012-Cover

    2013 Annual Report

  • Financial-Empowerment-Programs-2013

    Financial Empowerment Programs (2013)

  • Having-It-All-2013

    Having it All (2013)

  • Alumnae-Impact-Study-2012---Web

    Alumnae Impact Study (2012)

  • GSC-Annual-Report-2012-Cover

    Annual Report (2012)

  • cfg

    Case for Girls (2012)

  • Cookie-Program-Outcomes-2012

    Cookie Program Outcomes (2012)

  • Generation-STEM-Tips-for-Adults-2012

    Generation STEM – Tips for Adults (2012)

  • Generation-STEM-Tips-for-Girls-2012

    Generation STEM – Tips for Girls (2012)

  • Generation-STEM-2012

    Generation STEM (2012)

  • lts

    Linking Leadership to Success (2012)