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Riverpoint Program Center

Located on Merritt Island in Brevard County, this 24 acre site includes the Alford Lodge, built before 1880, that was renovated by Citrus Council in 1976. The lodge faces the Banana River while the west side of the property faces Sykes Creek.

With beautiful views of the Banana River and Sykes Creek on both sides of our Riverpoint property, it makes outdoor activities look like luxury.

The Alford Lodge is located on Merritt Island in Brevard County and offers Girl Scouts and our community partners a serene outdoor experience.

Riverpoint Re-Opening FAQ

Why was Riverpoint closed?

  • Riverpoint Program Center was recently closed due to not meeting new fire safety guidelines per the Fire Marshal. We are currently working on repairs to make sure that all current standards are met. To begin that process, we had had to close and do temporary updates to ensure the safety of our girls, volunteers, and staff.

When will Riverpoint reopen?  We really want to visit the beautiful property and check out all the cool water activities!

  • We have got good news!  Riverpoint re-opening for groups who have had their reservation cancelled. We will be re-booking them through the end of March. Once we have re-booked them, we will make an announcement for other troops to make their reservations. There will be some restrictions to your booking – please see below.
  1. The second floor is currently closed until further notice. We are diligently working on upgrades that will help us meet all the new safety standards that are in place.
    1. You will note the temporary barrier across both the inside and outside staircases.  Please do not attempt to climb or otherwise cross the barrier.
  2. For us to be compliant with health and safety codes the maximum number of people permitted currently is 30. Groups will not be allowed to have more than 30 people overnight or during the day.

How many beds do you have to accommodate my troop overnight?

  • Currently we have two rooms available for overnight use with permanent bunk beds. One room will hold eight and the other will hold three for a total of 11 permanent bunk beds.
  • We have added disc-o-beds (stackable camping cots) throughout the first floor of Riverpoint. With this addition, we have space to sleep 27 people throughout the building.
  • The disc-o-beds are set up in a way that doesn’t block any emergency exits. Please do not rearrange the beds.

The capacity is 30 but you only have enough beds for 27. Where can my last 3 troop members sleep?

  • Due to the arrangements of the beds and making sure that emergency exits are not blocked we are unable to add more beds at this time. But we are allowing for tent camping in the front yard so that you will be able to have a full 30 people attend your overnight.

For further questions please contact the following people:

Crystal Jones-

Aimee Beauchamp-


Riverpoint Program Center is available for troop camping and various day activities and events by reservation from September through the 2nd week of May.

Troops can request troop camping 6 months out to the date. In the summer, Riverpoint hosts our Resident and Day Camp programs. Riverpoint observes the same holiday schedule as the Council Service Center.  


The maximum capacity is 50 people for activities during the day and 36 people for overnight use in the lodge.    

Please remember that to serve as many girls as possible, the Alford Lodge will be accommodating multiple troops moving forward as we have increased sleeping accommodations.          


Alford Lodge is a beautiful two story wooden Historic Hunting lodge. There is a large common area with couches, tables and chairs, kitchen, bathroom and porch. There are a variety of rooms both upstairs and downstairs that vary in size. We have newly purchased wooden bunkbeds that have made a nice addition to our lodge that now has a total sleeping capacity of 50. The total beds upstairs can accommodate 39 and downstairs 11. One of the rooms downstairs Staff B sleeps 3 and is designated as a male only sleeping area. It has a private entrance and bathroom. Only 1 room upstairs has air conditioning and sleeps 12. All the other rooms do not have AC but there are ceiling fans and windows with screens. Downstairs bedrooms have AC but only sleep 8 and 3.

The kitchen is air conditioned, has two residential ovens, refrigerator, stand up freezer, microwave, 3 compartment sink, ice machine, limited cooking supplies and counter space.

Mops, brooms, toilet paper and garbage bags are provided. Troops must bring cleaning supplies for kitchen, bathrooms and floors.

There are several areas with grills and picnic tables. Patrol boxes are no longer available, you will need to provide your own outdoor equipment. Please do not use and kitchen equipment for outdoor cooking. Buckets for dishwashing are available and should be requested from the Ranger. 


All activities are available for weekend and day events by reserving them through our online reservation system, Doubleknot. Deposit is required at time of reservation and will not be confirmed without it. Activities will either be Facilitator Led (Requires a GSC Certified Staff Member) or Leader Led (Adults review information and lead activity). Please refer to the fee schedule for more information regarding each activity, fees and ratios. 


Leader-Led Activities

Minerva the Manatee:

This is one of the many Environmental patches that can be earned by visiting GSC properties. Girls will learn about Manatees and marine life that are native to Riverpoint as well as other activities. A digital copy of the manual will be sent 2 weeks prior to arrival. Instructions and supplies for all the activities are provided on location. Each session runs approximately 3 hours.

Mailbox Trails:

Are a unique outdoor educational opportunity with activities at each mailbox. These trails are a great way to get familiar with the camp grounds and learn about environmental science. Each mailbox includes instruction and materials for self-led activities. Completion time for each trail varies based on: age of the group, size of the group, weather and location of the trail. Please allow at least 1-2 hours per trail.


Fishing is permitted year round. Cane poles are provided if reserved; troops must provide their own fishing tackle and bait. Any fish that may be caught must be released as we are a catch and release location. Each session is 1 ½ hour long. There is a maximum of 16 people on the dock at any one time for the safety of the participants. Equipment must be cleaned and stored properly in the boat house after use.

Flag For Retirement:

Upon request, you may reserve a cut and prepared flag at no cost with instructions for a flag ceremony to use at the fire ring. 

Facilitator-Led Activities


Funoes are available for our Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies. Canoes are available for Girl Scout Brownies and above. Sailing/Stand Up Paddle Boards are available for all Girl Scout Juniors and up. Lifeguards and instructors are included for all watercraft activities.

All watercraft sessions will be scheduled for 1 ½ hours. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are provided and must be worn by everyone that will be participating, including adults.


Archery is available for Girl Scout Brownies and above. During their 1 ½ hour session they will learn safety and basic archery skills and commands.