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All Things Girl Scouts App

This app provides Girl Scout members of Citrus Council with a wide range of tools and resources to help identify deals and events taking place in Central Florida.

Users will be able to: 


Search Secret Images that come to life on your phone!


Add some extra flare to your photos with Girl Scout themed photo filters! 


Learn about exclusive offers available to Girl Scout members!


...and much more!

Download the All Things Girl Scout App from your app store using the links below:

ATGS Launch Game

To celebrate the launch of our All Things Girl Scouts App, we've designed a month long game filled with fun challenges. For these challenges, you will need to have a solid internet connection and be able to access the app.

atGS Launch Game info:

  • Every week, you will be given a challenge to complete.
  • You will receive a notification through the app on Sundays with clues on how to access the next challenge. You can also view this notification the following Monday here on this page.
  • You have one week to complete the challenge.
  • Points are assigned based on your performance in the challenge. But if you miss the deadline, no points will be awarded and you risk falling behind.
  • Be on the lookout for bonus challenges.
  • Anyone can play the game, so long as they can access the app.
  • There will be a prize for the top players at the end of May.


*Make sure you have a strong wifi connection as this can impact some of the content

**Be sure to keep the same name and email to keep track of your results

***Please note, that the lowest score will be applied to your total score at the end of the game

ATGS Week 1 - Intro

You will need to download the All Things Girl Scout app on your phone. 

Next, scan the following image with the app to access your first challenge.

Deadline to complete this challenge: May 9, 2020

Week 1 - Leaderboard Standings 

Bonus Challenge: 

Goodluck to you on this Bonus Challenge. Visit the PHOTOS section of the app and look for the atGS trefoil to start your first bonus challenge. You have until May 9 to complete this challenge!

Week 1 - Bonus Challenge Leaderboard

ATGS Week 2 - Photo Challenge

We have uploaded some exclusive photo filters that will place you on the cover of some of our Girl Scout cookie covers.

For this challenge, we want you to use one of these photo filters and upload your very own cover photo. You can either try to fit the pose being done or create your own Girl Scout cookie box scene.

Make sure to use the same codename/name you’ve been using so we can designate points.

Everyone that completes the challenge will receive 120 points.

You have until May 16 to complete this challenge.

Week 2 - Leaderboard 

Bonus Challenge: 

Look for the atGS trefoil in SECRET IMAGES for this challenge. You have until this Saturday to complete the challenge, along with the Photo Challenge.

Week 2 - Bonus Challenge Leaderboard

ATGS Week 3 - Secret Message

You may want to listen for the most recent podcast. There are atleast 3 things you’ll want to hear for your next challenge. 

Deadline to complete this challenge is May 23

Week 3 - Leaderboard 

Bonus Challenge: 

Last Bonus Challenge. Search for the atGS trefoil in the DEALS section to reveal this Bonus Challenge.

You have until May 27 to complete this challenge

Week 3 - Bonus Challenge Leaderboard

ATGS Week 4 - Scavenger Hunt

Look for the atGS trefoil image on the Council Shop tab here or on the app to reveal your last challenge. Be sure to click on every dropdown, you never what kind of deals there are.