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Week 1 Indoor Campy Camper June 15th - 19th

Basic Camp
Cost for members $15 | Non-members $20

Did you know that you could camp indoors? This is your chance to test it out with us as we bring the outdoors indoors! We will spend the week building shelters, learning knots, making a simple camp meal and trying your hand at some cool outdoorsy crafts. Remember, a camp experience is not complete until you have some s’mores and songs by the campfire!

Week 2 Artist Your Day Away! June 22nd - 26th

Art Camp
Cost for members $15 | Non-Members $20

Paint, Clay and Sparkles, Oh My! Get ready to show us your creative side as you spend some time making art to share with others in your art exhibit! Test your skills by painting a picture, create sparkly jewelry, and even make your own clay pinch pot. We hope to see you glitter through the screen as we embark on this creative adventure together!  

Week 3 Science of Camp July 6th - 10th

Cost for members $50 | Non-members $60

Explore the wonders of science in your home or outdoors!  Experiment with fizzy canister rockets, slimy, oozy chemical reactions, and test your video game design skills with an amazing program from our partners MYTEK Lab. Take some time to explore the night sky when you create your very own constellation viewer and learn about outer space. What are you waiting for? Camp Science has never been so out of this world!

Week 4 Animals, Animals Everywhere July 13th – 17th

Animal Themed
Cost for members $15 | Non-members $20

Wait, what was that? Was that a hedgehog or dog? There is only one way to find out! Come and join us for a fun filled week learning about different types of animals. On this journey you will virtually meet some interesting animals, all while you participate in some animal themed fun like a safari dance! So, bring your favorite pet for show and tell and enjoy the roaring good time that’s in store for you!

Week 5 I’m a Camp Detective July 20th-24th

I'm a Camp Detective
(mix of science, scavenger hunts and camp skill test)
Cost for members $15 | Non-members $20

Nancy Drew has nothing on you! Come and spend your week hunting for the missing spirit stick! Where could it have gone and who could have taken it? It is time for you to put your detective skills to the test and help us find out. Solve puzzles, complete in scavenger hunts and put your outdoor skills to the test to earn clues!  

Week 6 - Wizarding Camp Adventures! July 27th - 31st

Wizarding Camp Adventures! 
July 27 - July 31
Cost for members $15 | Non-members $20

Grab your robes and don't be late; potions class is about to begin! Spend the week drinking butter beer and creating your own puffy pigmeys. Brush up on your Harry Potter trivia and create a perfectly personalized wand. We look forward to seeing you for a magical camp adventure!


Virtual Summer Camp Adventures FAQ

Q: How many days will there be live sessions a week?

A: We will be hosting live zoom calls with campers and staff every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday there will be activity videos and instructions to complete all the activities with your family at home.

Q: What time will the live sessions be?

A: The live sessions will run from 1pm-3:30pm for weeks 1, 2, 4 and 5 and from 9am-11:45am for week 3.

Q: What supplies will be needed for the week?

A: Each camper will receive a camp care package for each session they are signed up for, that will include almost all the supplies they will need. We will also be providing you with a list of any additional  materials that you may need to purchase.

Please Note: Basic school supplies such as  pens, pencils, paper, glue, tape, markers, crayons, etc. will not be provided.

Q: How will the girls be split up for activities?

A: We will be breaking the girls up by the grade level they are going into as of Fall 2020. Please make sure to list the grade in your CampDoc account so that she will be placed with the girls who are in the same age range.

Q: Who will be working with the girls?

A: To ensure a level of comfort for the girls and parents/guardians our staff are our returning counselors from last year. This will give girls a sense of familiarity when participating in this new Camp Experience. Counselors will be assigned to a specific grade level each week, just like at traditional camp.  All our counselors have received an approved level 2 background check and have attended a pre-camp training on how to work with girls virtually.

Q: How do we do the activities on Tuesday and Thursday?

A: You will receive a confirmation packet and a schedule in your camper’s camp care package with complete instructions for each activity. You will also receive an electronic copy via email.

Q: Will there be a campfire?

A: We will be hosting a campfire every Sunday from 6:30pm-7:30pm to kick off the week. If you would like to attend, please do! The campfire is free and will be open to anyone who would like to join us! 

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