Cookie Resources

making the behind-the-scenes work
just a little easier

Our girls mean business...cookie business. And that's no joke. A lot of things come together to make the world's largest girl-led business successful for our girls. Below are just a few of those things. Please, help yourself.






  • 5 Skills (English)
  • 5 Skills (Spanish)
  • Bling Your Booth Flyer
  • Booth in a Bag Order Form
  • Buy 5 Entry Form
  • Cookie Activity Pin
  • Cookie Diet Exchanges
  • Cookie Program FAQ
  • Eco Tote Recognition Flyer
  • Explore Central Florida
  • Financial Empowerment (English)
  • Financial Empowerment (Spanish)
  • Important Dates
  • Permission Form
  • Phone Directory
  • SNAP Quick Guide
  • Troop Booth Guide
  • Troop Cookie Chair Reward Flyer
  • Troop to Troop Military Cookie Tutorial
  • Troop to Troop Military Flyer


  • Girl Scouts are Smart Cookies

  • The 5 Skills

  • Caramel-deLites

  • Lemonades

  • Peanut Butter Patties

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich

  • Shortbreads

  • Thanks-A-Lot

  • El Programa de Galletas Girl Scouts