Program Calendar Submission Form

Click below to submit a new program. If you need to refer back to any training documents, those are below. Still have questions? Email Jenn.


 Tips and Tricks

  • Show Events in Future
    To create a custom view that only shows events in the future:
    (1) View the Pages Library.
    (2) Click LIBRARY from the Library Tools Menu.
    (3) Select CREATE VIEW.
    (4) Name your View, select Default if you choose, select the columns you wish to view, and add sorting if you choose.
    (5) In Filtering, section, find "Program Start Date Time" in the first drop down menu, select, "is greater than or equal to" in the next drop down menu, and put [Today] in the filter field.Contact:
  • Launching Programs
    After you complete all the necessary steps to setup your program, click "STEP 2: MARKETING REVIEW" near the end of the setup form under 'Workflow Status' then, at the top of the page in the toolbar, click 'PAGE > CHECK IN.' You'll see spellcheck results, then hit OK.
  • View the Program Event Library
    To view the entire list of programs, you can simply bookmark this link:
    Or, from any calendar page or the setup page (that you're viewing now), click 'SITE ACTIONS > VIEW ALL SITE CONTENT' then 'PAGES.'

 Training Documents

  • Program Calendar Flow Chart
  • Program Calendar Setup Instructions