Troop Bank Account

Everything you need to set up and manage
your troop's bank account

It has never been easier to manage your troop finances with Girl Scouts of Citrus! If you're just getting started, all of the resources you need are below. 

Troops with established bank accounts will find all of the answers and resources below - and as always, just let us know if we can help!


 Getting Started


So you're officially a member of Girl Scouts, you've completed the Volunteer Application and Background Check, and you're assigned to a troop?! Let's get your finances situated:

  1. Choose a bank to set up your account. Citrus Council recommends BB&T, Fairwinds, TD Bank, Fifth Third, or Regions. 
  2. You will need a co-signer on the account. Your co-signer must also be a member of Girl Scouts, have completed a Volunteer Application and Background Check, and be unrelated to you.
  3. Complete the Volunteer Financial Agreement with your co-signer. Submit this with your first finance report.
  4. Before going to the bank, choose your branch and complete form below to request a Bank Authorization Letter from Citrus Council. We'll fax it to your branch the following Tuesday or Thursday.


 Authorization Letter Request


 Finance Documents


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