Celia Lane Little House


We are proud to deliver the Girl Scout experience
right to downtown Orlando

The maximum capacity is 50 people per day and a maximum capacity of 20 for overnight use. Tent camping is not permitted. 

  • ​Availability

    Celia Lane Little House is available for troop camping and various day activities and events by reservation from September through the 2nd week of May.

    Troops can request troop camping 3 months out. In the summer, the Celia Lane Little House hosts our Day Camp programs.

    The Celia Lane Little House recognizes the same holiday schedule as the Council Service Center.

  • ​Capacity

    The maximum capacity for Celia Lane is 50 people per day and 20 for overnight use.

    Tent camping is not permitted.


There is a large air conditioned common area that has a fireplace, tables and chairs. Camping mattresses are available upon request for overnight use, however, air mattresses are recommended. There is a supply of wood available for the fireplace; you will need to provide your own approved fire-starters. Cooking is not permitted in the fireplace.
The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, microwave, sink, and cabinets, counter space and includes cooking equipment.  Mops, brooms and garbage bags are provided. Troops must bring their own cleaning supplies for kitchen, bathroom and floors. There are two bathrooms: one with two toilets, two sinks and one shower and one with wheelchair accessible toilet, sink and shower.

A large screened porch with picnic tables is available. Grills are in the backyard. Behind the yard there is a small “stage” area.

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