Girl Scout FAQ

  • About Girl Scout Programs
    • Registration for all Girl Scouts of Citrus programs is completed online. Upon clicking the REGISTER NOW button in the event description, you will either be taken to the eBiz registration site where you can login with your Girl Scout ID and sign up for the program, or you will be directed to register online with a community partner.
      In short: no. Unless otherwise indicated, all programs and events are only open to registered Girl Scouts – this includes adults. Tag-a-longs such as siblings or friends must register as Girl Scouts before attending programs or events.
      No. Unless otherwise indicated, transportation is not provided to any program or event. The parent/guardian of individual girls must indicate on the Program Registration Form whether or not they will be attending or give permission for their Girl Scout to attend with another adult.
      2 weeks prior to the program or event, unless otherwise specified.
      A confirmation email will be sent to you automatically after your reservation is received and the payment is processed. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 (one) working business day, please contact
      For the safety of our girls, we do not publish the specific program location. Exceptions are made for many of our Partner Organization events since most are held in public venues. The confirmation email will contain the location and directions.
      Unless otherwise indicated, all money is due at the time of registering for an event.
      Cancellations and refunds must be received by GSC in writing (via email) no later than 10 working days prior to the event. When you cancel, a $3 processing fee per individual registration will be deducted from your refund. If you cancel after the 10 working days NO refund will be issued. Please allow up to three weeks for your refund to be processed. GSC reserves the right to cancel any program. If GSC cancels the program for any reason you will receive a full refund. No refund will be issued for no-shows.
      Placement in programs and events is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note the capacity limits in the program description (if any) – many programs fill up before the registration deadline. We advise parents and troop leaders to register as far in advance as possible to ensure placement. PLEASE NOTE: only registering via the proper forms guarantees placement in Citrus Council programs – emailing staff of your interest in the program does not guarantee admission.
  • About girl Scouts
      Six counties make up our council: Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole and Volusia.
      Girl Scouts is open to all girls, grades K - 12, and to volunteers, both men and women, over the age of 18. All members must be willing to make the Girl Scout Promise, accept the Girl Scout Law, and pay an annual membership fee. All girls are welcome regardless of socioeconomic status or racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious background.
      Girl Scout Daisy: Girls in grades kindergarten through first.
      Girl Scout Brownie: Girls in grades 2-3.
      Girl Scout Junior: Girls in grades 4-5.
      Girl Scout Cadette: Girls in grades 6-8.
      Girl Scout Senior: Girls in grades 9-10.
      Girl Scout Ambassador: Girls in grades 11-12.
      Juliette: Girls who register as Girl Scouts individually.
      A Girl Scout troop is a group of girls with trained adult leaders, who meet on a regular basis as the troop decides – be it once a week or once a month. Troops are either made up of girls who are all the same age or of mixed ages, who meet either after school, in the evenings, or on the weekends.
      Adults interested in becoming a leader will need to fill out a volunteer application/consent form, go through a background screening, become a registered Girl Scout, and take the on-line volunteer orientation.
      Adult volunteers can work with girls and be troop facilitators or mentors, work with other adults and be trainers, serve on a committee such as the Women of Distinction Gala Committee or serve as a member of the board of directors.
      This annual fee goes directly to Girl Scouts of USA, however in registering as a Girl Scout adult or girl member, you are eligible to benefit from programs and services provided by Girl Scouts of Citrus Council, Inc. The membership fee includes accident and activity insurance.
      Troops generally charge moderate dues to pay for supplies and badges. Special programs such as field trips or workshops are generally paid for individually. Uniforms are encouraged, but not required. There are opportunities for money-earning projects to help offset costs that the troop or individual girl may incur.
      GSCC receives funding from four United Ways; grants; corporate and individual donors; and special events such as the Women of Distinction Gala.
  • Finance and Banking
      You must be a registered member of GSC assigned to a troop and have a co-signer who is background checked. All signers on the account must complete the Volunteer Financial Agreement and turn it in to the Troop Accounts Manager with their next finance report.
      We have banking relationships with BB&T, Fairwinds, Regions, TD Bank and Fifth Third.
      No. Each troop is permitted one checking account. Multiple and/ or interest earning accounts are not approved for GSC troops.
      Choose a bank and send the bank name, branch, fax number or email address as well as the troop number and signer’s names to the Troop Accounts Manager via the web form above. Letters are sent each Tuesday and Thursday and may occasionally be sent early if time permits.
      Finance reports are due on October 31, January 31 and June 30/July 31. Please include at least the September, December and May/June statements respectively. Please check with your SU to be sure they do not have additional requirements.
      Fill out the Troop Reimbursement Request form and submit it to your troop within 30 days of the purchase you made. The troop may need to wait for fundraisers to reimburse you, there is no time limit on that but both parties should agree to the time frame and keep within the troop’s budget. If this form is not filled out within 30 days the purchase should be considered a donation to the troop.
      If the person donating to your troop would like to claim the donation on their income taxes they will need a letter from GSC. If you received a non-monetary donation, please complete and submit the InKind Contribution form. If you are receiving a large donation of funds, please submit the check to GSC. We will deposit and record it then send a check for the full amount to your troop. We encourage troops to consider donating a portion of these funds to Gifts for Girls.
      Yes. They are required to be presented if your troop is audited, but you may choose not to turn copies of them in with your finance reports.
      Yes. Always keep accurate financial records for your troop banking account, even after submission to Girl Scouts of Citrus when financial reports are due.
      Troop finance records should be available for review at each meeting or at reasonable times scheduled with your troop leader.
      Contact the Troop Accoutns Manager and request that a Sales Tax exeption form be sent to the company you are working with. This form is not distributed to troops/ SUs.
      No. Troop funds belong to each girl in the troop equally.
  • Girl Scout Product Program
      Any registered troop or girl can participate in both the Fall Product Program and Cookie Program. Interested participants should contact their Service Unit Manager or Service Unit Product Chair and are required to attend a training provided by the Service Unit Product Chair. Contact the Fall Product team for assistance should the Service Unit Product Chair not be available.
      All troops are encouraged to participate in both of the Council Sponsored Programs. If a girl would like to participate and the troop is not participating the parent can contact the Service Unit Product Chair for help in placing the girls order and getting product for the girl. The girl’s proceeds will stay with the troop for activities the troop has planned.
      The Fall Product Program runs from early September to early November. The Cookie Program runs from early January to the end of February. For specific dates visit our website at
      When troops participate in either of the Girl Scout Product Programs, the monies they earn are deposited into their troop bank accounts throughout the sale. At the end of the sale, the monies which are due to Council are debited from their troop bank accounts, leaving a balance to use on any approved Girl Scout activity.
  • Juliettes
      Any individual, registered Girl Scout who is not a member of a troop is a Juliette. A Juliette can be in any grade, and is especially popular among Girl Scouts ages 11-17 as they are often busy with other activities. Juliettes can also be girls waiting to be placed in a troop.
      A Juliette can participate in any Girl Scout activity including programs and events, the product programs, community service, and earning awards such as the Gold Award.
      Yes! A Juliette can participate in both of the Girl Scout Product Programs including the Cookie Program. Juliettes must register to participate. The Girl Scout Cookie Program begins in December and ends in February. The Girl Scout Fall Product Program begins in August and ends in November. Juliettes can earn credits to fund their activities throughout the year. For more information on using credits and getting registered to participate, contact our Juliette Coordinator.
      Juliettes can refer to the Citrus Program Calendar and register online for any activity. In addition, Juliettes can stay up-to-date on updates from Citrus Council by subscribing to Chatter, the Citrus e-Newsletter, and other electronic communication. Juliettes can sign up online!
      Juliettes can refer to the Citrus Program Calendar and register online for any activity. In addition, Juliettes can stay up-to-date on updates from Citrus Council by subscribing to Chatter, the Citrus e-Newsletter, and other electronic communication. Juliettes can sign up online!
      Uniforms are not a requirement to be a Girl Scout, but they do enhance the Girl Scout experience and connect girls to the rich tradition of Girl Scouting. Juliettes can choose to purchase uniform components that are appropriate for their grade level or select great Girl Scout shirts. A special emblem for Juliettes is available for sale in the Girl Scout Shop that can be worn where the troop numbers may be placed.
      Yes! Juliettes may attend any of the Girl Scout programs, including our outdoor or camp opportunities. The most up-to-date list of programs is available on the Citrus Program Calendar, including camps!