Learning Opportunities

In Girl Scouts,
we take life long learning seriously

Training is one of the keys to success for any adult volunteer. It ensures that our girls receive the best possible experience in safe environments and also allows you, our incredible volunteer, the opportunity to learn as well!
Our courses are taught by Volunteer Learning Facilitators who share their time and talents to make the volunteer experience more enjoyable and valuable for you. They enable us to offer courses at different locations, during the daytime, evening and weekends. It’s because of our volunteer facilitators that we’re able to offer these resources to our adult volunteers.
Girl Scouts learn through fun activities that are girl-led (girls make decisions), experiential (learn by doing), and cooperative (teamwork). Our classes will teach you how to incorporate these concepts into girls' activities through roundtable discussions, hands-on experiences and online Webinars you can complete on YOUR time.

girl scouting 101


Girl Scouting 101 is a national online orientation introducing all new volunteers to our organization. It includes information on the history of our movement, the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (National Program Portfolio), program resources, cookies and safety tips. This course is offered online and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check.


Troop/Group Welcome


Troop/Group Welcome is an introduction to your Girl Scout volunteer position and covers organizing a troop/group, working with parents/guardians and Council procedures. You’ll receive instructions on how to register as a Girl Scout member, get information about resources available to you and lots of other great information. At least one adult from your troop/group needs to attend. Facilitation and scheduling is arranged through a volunteer in your area.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check & Girl Scouting 101.



 Upcoming Trainings


volunteer essentials

The Volunteer Essentials class will help you understand the fundamentals of running your troop/group. From curriculum and badges to staying safe while traveling with girls, to managing finances and your web of support. All of your basic questions are answered!

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check, Girl Scouting 101 and Troop/Group Welcome.

Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

The National Program Portfolio has two main parts – the National Leadership Journeys and The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Complemented by the Girl Scout Cookie program, Girl Scout travel and Girl Scout awards, the National Program Portfolio is designed to help girls develop as leaders and build confidence by learning new skills. It also ensures that Girl Scouts at every level are sharing a powerful, national experience—girls together changing the world!  This course will help volunteers get a better understanding of the National Program Portfolio as well as other program pieces that are available to them.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check, Girl Scouting 101, Troop/Group Welcome and Volunteer Essentials.


First aid/cpr

This training meets OSHA Guidelines for First Aid Programs and is presented by the Public Safety Education Group. This class will be conducted by an instructor from the Department of Public Safety. Basic First Aid will cover how to identify and deal with various medical emergencies. Some of the areas covered will be bleeding, burns, breaks and heat related emergencies. CPR/AED will cover adult, child and infant CPR. Students will be instructed on how to operate and use an Automated External Defibrillator machine (AED) as well as learn how to handle choking situations.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check and Girl Scouting 101.

  • TitleCountyDate and Time
    First Aid/CPRVolusia11/18/2014 at 06:30 PM

outdoor skills I

This level is for the beginner camping troops/groups wanting to stay in a cabin, lodge or indoor facility while camping. This training would prepare the adult volunteer for this level of camping by teaching meal planning, kaper charts, equipment, and packing, in addition to fire building and outdoor cooking. A Home Study workbook, included with this course, contains valuable information, key points and questions for each section. This information can be learned at each participant’s own pace and is an important part of the Outdoor Skills – I course. The Home Study workbook will be sent to you and must be completed prior to attending the course. This course is required for troops/groups desiring to use cabins, lodges, or indoor facilities while camping.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check and Girl Scouting 101.

outdoor skills II

This level is for the troops/groups wanting to use platform or ground tents while camping in an established camp site. This training will prepare the adult volunteer for this level of camping using a variety of outdoor skills including knot tying, jackknife safety, and tent care. Various methods of outdoor cooking are included. You will also experience a Girl Scout campfire program and a flag retirement ceremony. This course is required for troops/groups desiring to use platform or ground tents while camping in an established camp site.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check, Girl Scouting 101, and Outdoor Skills I.

outdoor skills I & II COMBO

This course is an opportunity for adult volunteers to complete both Outdoor Skills – I & II during a fast pace, extended weekend. This training starts at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and ends on Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Participants must attend the entire weekend.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check and Girl Scouting 101.

outdoor skills III

This level of Troop/Group Camping is designed to have troops/groups camp together, but having the girls use their outdoor skills independently. In this course, participants will learn how to cook using their mess kits, solar cooking, and other nifty cooking methods. Additional skills include lashing, orienteering, and geocaching. This course is for troops/groups desiring to advance their girls’ outdoor skills and is required for troops to go primitive camping.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check, Girl Scouting 101, and Outdoor Skills II.

outdoor skills IV

For troops/groups that are ready to take the outdoors to the next level, this course teaches the fundamentals of backpacking. This basic backpacking course includes one day of instruction and pre-planning followed by an overnight camping trip. Topics covered include: equipment, clothing, food, packing techniques, places to hike and camp, and basic trip planning. This course is required for troops/groups desiring to backpack in the outdoors

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check, Girl Scouting 101, and Outdoor Skills III.


outdoor skills re-qualification

The policy of Girl Scouts of Citrus is that in order to be current as a Troop/Group Camper, re-qualification must be taken every 5 years.  Volunteers may re-qualify by either re-taking the level of Outdoor Skills training that they have already taken, by attending the next level of Outdoor Skills training or by completing the Troop/Group Camper Re-Qualification Workbook.  

Complete the workbook and return it along with $7 to:

Girl Scouts of Citrus
341 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL  32803. 

After review of the workbook, you will be notified that your qualification has been extended.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Outdoor Skills training.




volunteer enrichment workshops

Volunteer Enrichment workshops come in all shapes and sizes. They give any Girl Scout volunteer the opportunity to learn new skills, crafts, or leadership styles in order to better serve girls.

PREREQUISITE: Favorable background check.