For Volunteers

Make every day her best day ever.

It starts with one day, one meeting, and one role model that shows her she can accomplish more than she ever imagined.
That feeling starts with you. At every turn, you'll be her cheerleader, guide, mentor, helping her develop skills and confidence that will last long after the meeting is over. Years later, at her college graduation, she'll remember you: how you made her feel powerful for the very first time.


This campaign is all about getting passionate volunteers connected with girls waiting to start their Girl Scout experience right now. They're waiting on you. We currently need 102 volunteers to lead girls who are waiting to start their Girl Scout journey. Sign up before April 12.

Become A Volunteer

Volunteering with Girl Scouts isn't what you might think: yes, troop leaders are a pivotal part of what we do, but we also need volunteers to help with programs, train girls and adults, and so much more.
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    I am a brand new volunteer who is excited to get involved!

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  • i don't have time to volunteer right now. i want to attend events with my girl scout.