Junior Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting

Girl Scouting has never been more exciting than with this new program resource. Girls and volunteers  love the fun, eye-opening activities and the all-in-one badge book and handbook format. Beautifully designed, these binders are divided into three sections: handbook, badge and my Girl Scouts. The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting complements the Girl Scout Journeys by helping girls build skills to become successful and gain the confidence to do amazing things!
Girl Scout badges are filled with exciting ways to learn new skills-or dig deeper into the topics girls are already interested in. All the badge skills build on each other as the girls grow. For example, when a girl earn Junior Badges, they use the skills they learned in Brownies. When girls move to Cadettes, they will use everything they are learning now.

junior journeys

  • Get Moving!

    Get Moving!

    Juniors build their skills as leaders who Energize, Investigate, and Innovate. They earn these three prestigious leadership awards as they explore their own energy, the energy in their spaces (buildings), and the energy of travel (transportation).

  • aMUSE


    Juniors learn just how many roles are open to them in the world, whether they want to fly a plane, lead a rock band or win a gold medal, aMUSE helps girls take center stage and try out more roles than they ever thought possible.

  • Agent of Change

    Agent of Change

    The journey is filled with ceremonies and circles, real-life heroines, and special new characters. Along the way, girls learn how their own power combines into team power and then moves out to become community power.


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