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Girl Scouts is a movement built around opportunities, and many of those opportunities happen around one of our seven properties.

We are fortunate to maintain four Scout Houses and three Program Centers that facilitate the Girl Scout experience for girls in all of our six counties and also serve as collaborative spaces for partners in the community.


Upgrades are coming!

We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and website. Now, we are taking camp reservations to the next level. While we prepare for our new online reservation system, please be advised:

As of today, our properties are booked through June. We will not be able to accept any new reservations until June 1, 2016. We will be sending out the new procedures as soon as they become available.  

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Aimee Beauchamp at



The Celia Lane Little House has been a second “home” to many girls since 1940. It is located near downtown Orlando, just 10 minutes from the Council Service Center near Dickson Azalea Park.


Located in downtown Orlando, the Council Service Center houses the Council Shop and offices for Girl Scouts of Citrus. Girls and volunteers are welcome to take a self-guided tour through our archives displays or enjoy Girl Scout items in the Shop.


The Eustis Girl Scout House is located in downtown Eustis near Sunset Park. This Scout House is perfect for special ceremonies in the backyard trefoil bridging area with a horseshoe-shaped flower bed.


This 250-acre site is located in Chuluota, just east of Orlando in Seminole county. Purchased in 1970, Mah-Kah-Wee, which means “Earth Maiden,” received its name as a result of a troop contest and was dedicated on March 7, 1971.


The Melbourne Scout House was donated to Girl Scout of Citrus by the Melbourne Rotary Club in 1940. It is located near Claude Edge Front St. Park.



Located in Orange County, this Scout House was donated to Girl Scouts of Citrus by the Lillian D. Wells estate in 2009. Its large backyard and beautiful old oak tree make it perfect for outdoor events.


Located on Merritt Island in Brevard county, this 24 acre site includes the Alford Lodge, built before 1880, that was renovated by Citrus Council in 1976. The lodge faces the Banana River while the west side of the property faces Sykes Creek.