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Who doesn’t love a little recognition for their hard work?
Even though we know participating in the Fall Product Program will teach girls valuable life skills (5 to be more precise), there's one reason the girls really love participating:

Check out the lineup of 2015 Fall Product Recognitions and help girls make goals and develop a plan to exceed them.

  • 1-Be-Spotacular

    Be Spectacular (3 Magazine Orders)

  • 2-Photo-Booth-Props

    Photo Booth Props (5 Magazine Orders)

  • 3-Lollipop-Eraser-Super-Seller

    Lollipop Eraser & Mag Super Seller Patch
    (7 Magazine Orders)

  • 4-Popup-Boutique-Nail-Art

    3D Popup Boutique or Nail Art Pens and Bracelets (10 Magazine Orders)

  • 5-Headphones

    Rhinestone Headphones (15 Magazine Orders)

  • 6 - Selfie-Stick

    Selfie Stick or Pop Clocky (20 Magazine Orders)

  • 7-Animate-Webcam

    Animate Webcam or Dottie Speakers (35 Magazine Orders)

  • 8-Booth-Sales

    Booth Sales (Booth)

  • 9-Reach-New-Heights

    Reach New Heights (12 Nut Orders) 

  • 10-Small-Plush-Giraffe

    Small Plush Giraffe (25 Nut Orders)

  • 11-Zipper-Purse-Super-Seller

    Zipper Purse and Super Seller Patch (35 Nut Orders)

  • 12-iTunes-Movies

    Movie Tickets or $20 iTunes Gift Card (50 Nut Orders)

  • 13-Hairbrush

    Scented Hairbrush and Bobby Pins (70 Nut Orders)

  • 14-Orlando-Eye

    Orlando Eye (100 Nut Orders)

  • 15-Disney-Quest

    Disney Quest or Custom VANS Shoes ($1000 Combined)

  • 16-Kindles

    fireHD or fireHD Kids ($1500 Combined)

  • 17-Boodle-Box

    Boodle Box ($2000 Combined)

  • 18-103-Club

    103 Club (103 Club)