the world's largest girl-led business
is  open for business


Central Florida's youngest business executives have closed up shop and are looking forward to their Fall Product Program!

We hope that you enjoyed the 2014 Cookie Lineup and have properly stocked your freezer full of your favorites. Until next year...


 2014 Cookies

  • Caramel deLites

    Vanilla cookies topped with caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut, and laced with cocolaty stripes.

  • Cranberry Citrus Crisps

    Crispy cookie, made with whole grain, full of tangy cranberry bits and zesty citrus flavor.

  • Lemonades

    Savory slices of shortbread with a refreshingly tangly lemon flavored icing.

  • Peanut Butter Patties

    Crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating.

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich

    Crisp and crunchy oatmeal cookies with creamy peanut butter filling.

  • Shortbread

    Traditional shortbread cookies.

  • Thanks-A-Lot

    Shortbread cookies dipped in rich fudge and topped with an embossed thank you message in one of 5 languages.

  • Thin Mints

    Crispy chocolate wafers dipped in a mint chocolaty coating.

  • Trios

    Chocolate chips nestled in a gluten free peanut butter oatmeal cookie.