Who doesn't love a little
recognition for their hard work?

Even though we know participating in the Fall Product Program will teach girls valuable life skills (5 to be more precise), there's one reason the girls really love participating:


Check out the lineup of 2013 Fall Product Recognitions and help girls make goals and develop a plan to exceed them. There are a few new recognitions on the table for troops, too!

New Recognitions

101 Club
We want to create a “buzz” about girls who sell 101 items or more! Any girl who sells at least 101 units of nuts, chocolates and/or magazine subscriptions will earn a spot in our brand new 101 Club. Members in the club will receive a family 4-pack of movie tickets plus a special “101 Club” patch.
New Troop Participation
First time, newly registered troops participating in their first product program can earn a special recognition! If your new troop meets $850 in combined gross sales from nuts and chocolates and/or magazine subscriptions, they will earn a set of five large display cookie boxes. The display boxes are large replicas of the five top selling cookies and are great additions to cookie booths or any Girl Scout event.
Troop Product Program Participation
Participation in both product programs is an integral part to the Girl Scout experience. To say THANK YOU to the troops who make sure their girls have a well rounded experience, Girl Scouts of Citrus is offering a bonus to any troop participating in both product programs who also meet specific criteria throughout the Girl Scout year. 

Magazine Recognitions

  • Glitter Tattoo and Face Paint

    10 Magazine Orders

  • 2013-2014 Patch

    10 Names in Address Book

  • Online Patch

    12 Emails

  • Be Your Best You Patch

    2 Magazine Orders

  • 6 Piece Tapetti Kit

    4 Magazine Orders

  • Mag Super Seller Patch

    6 Magazine Orders

  • Nail Patch Kit and Stickerize Album

    8 Magazine Orders

Chocolate and Nut Recognitions

  • Grow Patch

    Grow Patch

    12 Nut Orders

  • Small Plush Bee

    Small Plush Bee

    24 Chocolate and Nut Orders

  • Super Seller Patch and TShirt Design Kit

    Super Seller Patch and TShirt Design Kit

    34 Chocolate and Nut Orders

  • 2 Movie Tickets

    2 Movie Tickets

    44 Chocolate and Nut Orders

  • Share Patch

    Share Patch

    5 Military Nut Orders

  • Booth Patch

    Booth Patch

    Do Booth Sales

Combined Recognitions

  • 2 Tickets to Disney Quest

    2 Tickets to Disney Quest

    $1000 Total

  • iPod Touch or Kindle Fire

    iPod Touch or Kindle Fire

    $1500 Total

  • iPad Mini

    iPad Mini

    $2500 Total

  • Mini Locker

    Mini Locker

    $375 Total

  • Paillette Lamp

    Paillette Lamp

    $525 Total

  • Florida EcoSafari Coach or Canopy Cycle

    Florida EcoSafari Coach or Canopy Cycle

    $700 Total

  • 101 Club Patch and Family Movie 4-Pack

    101 Club Patch and Family Movie 4-Pack

    101 Club

  • Goal Achiever Patch

    Goal Achiever Patch

    5 Magazine Orders + 30 Chocolate/Nut Orders

  • Disney Experience with CEO

    Disney Experience with CEO

    Top Seller