Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center

If you are looking for the complete outdoor
Girl Scout experience, welcome.

Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center provides girls and adults outdoor programming 365 days a year. Every summer, Girl Scouts and their friends from across the country celebrate one of the longest Girl Scouting traditions: summer camp.
Both resident and day camps are offered every summer, promising favorites like horseback riding and water adventures. But don't be surprised by emerging camps for modern girls like surfing and dragon boating!
During the year, Girl Scouts of Citrus welcomes community and corporate partners to outdoor leadership experiences through our low and high-ropes training.
  • Availability

    Mah-Kah-Wee is available for troop camping, camporees and various day activities and events by reservation from September through the 2nd week of May. Troops can request troop camping three months out, and camporees may submit requests nine months out. Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center observes the same holiday schedule as the Council Service Center.
  • Staff

    The Outdoor Program and Property Teams’ are located at Mah-Kah-Wee and observe the same work week and holiday schedule as the Council Service Center, unless specified otherwise during events, summer camps or other activities.

General Unit Information

Each unit has multiple grills, picnic tables inside and outside, toilets, hot showers, refrigerator, 40 cup coffee urn, standard coffee pot and bags of ice.  Buckets are provided for heating water and washing dishes. Toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels, brooms and a hose are also provided.

Guests are responsible for providing: charcoal and non-combustible fire starters, matches, all food and beverages, cooking supplies and utensils, drink coolers and ice, all cleaning supplies for unit including: bathroom, unit house, cabins and dishes:
  • Additional electrical appliances are not permitted at any time in the units.
  • All groups must have the required ration of Qualified Troop Campers based on a 1 per 30 participant ratio. A copy of the certification(s) must be provided to the Outdoor Program Team prior to your arrival.
  • Sharing a Unit: If you choose NOT to share a unit, you will be required to reserve and pay for the entire unit.
  • Events During Campouts: If you have others joining you for a day event, this MUST be noted at the time of your request for property usage. Rangers MUST be kept updated regarding ALL who enter and exit the property. Please remember that there are NO tagalongs allowed at events. TAGALONGS are siblings, infants, friends, family members and other Girl Scouts that are not in the troop or appropriate grade level for the event.


  • Ticochee Lodge

    The lodge may be used for meals, activities or for special events.  The maximum capacity is 200 people at one time.  The Food Service Team at Mah-Kah-Wee is available upon request for most events.  For information about our kitchen services, available meal menus and pricing, please contact Theresa Rivera, or call 407-228-1662.

  • East Side - Racoon Run

    10 platform tents are available that sleep 4 people per tent. Each cot has a camping mattress and a mosquito net.  The Unit House has an inside grill for charcoal cooking only. There are additional outside grills with picnic tables for cooking.

  • East Side - Skeeter Hollow

    10 platform tents are available that sleep 4 people per tent. Each cot has a camping mattress and a mosquito net. There is also a bunkhouse that sleeps a maximum of 16 people and a common area, with air conditioning only (no heat). Both the bunkhouse and 5 platform tents is wheelchair accessible. The Unit House only has outside cooking grills.

  • East Side - Shady Pines

    A total of 7 cabins sleep 8 people per cabin. Each cabin has ceiling fans, lights, and window units for air conditioning and heat. There is also a wheelchair accessible cabin. The Unit House has an inside grill for charcoal cooking only. There are additional outside grills with picnic tables for cooking.

  • West Side - Shady Oaks

    8 platform tents are available that sleep 4 people per tent. Each cot has a camping mattress and a mosquito net. The Unit House has an inside grill for charcoal cooking only. There are additional outside grills with picnic tables for cooking.

  • West Side - Turkey Run

    Space is available for tent camping but tents are not provided. The maximum capacity for overnight camping is 32 people per night. The Unit House has an inside grill for charcoal cooking only. There are additional outside grills with picnic tables for cooking.

  • West Side - Eagles Roost

    A total of 5 cabins sleep 8 people per cabin. Each cabin has ceiling fans, lights, and window units for air conditioning and heat. There is also a wheelchair accessible cabin. The Unit House has an inside grill for charcoal cooking only. There are additional outside grills with picnic tables for cooking. The entire unit is wheelchair accessible including paved walkways.

  • Day Site Pavilion

    Located on the west side of camp, these facilities include grills and picnic tables under a shelter. Water, bathrooms and hot showers are located nearby. The maximum capacity for the pavilion is 80 people per day. There is also a fire ring for evening program. The Day Site Field is also available for tent camping. Tents are not provided. The maximum capacity for overnight camping is 50 people per night.

  • Eco-Center and Environmental Lab

    The Eco-Center has a large (non air conditioned) room with benches and a lighted stage which can be used for large group activities, songs, skits, etc. The site includes grills, picnic tables, bathrooms and a refrigerator. This area is wheelchair accessible.


    The Environmental Lab is an air conditioned room for a variety of activities, including Amanda the Armadillo. The lab is to be used for these activities only and can support 12-15 participants at a time.

  • Staff House

    This house may be reserved for meetings or troop use. Sleeping accommodations are available for 12 people (on cots) in 3 bedrooms. Other amenities include bathrooms with hot showers, full kitchen, living room, back porch, air conditioning and heat.  The maximum day capacity is 24 and the maximum overnight capacity is 12.

  • Creative College

    This large, enclosed, air conditioned building includes a screened porch with tables and chairs, picnic tables, water fountain and a restroom.  It is located on the east side of the lake near Raccoon Run. Troops must bring their own supplies, however, there is a limited supply of general craft materials that are available upon request.  Maximum number of participants at one time is a total of 60 people (40 people inside and 20 people in the porch).

  • Infirmary

    The Infirmary is available for use during large events and camporees. This air conditioned building houses the medical staff only. The maximum number of medical staff to stay overnight in the Infirmary is 2.  The names and certifications of the individuals must be turned in to the Outdoor Program Team during the registration process. 



All activities are available for weekend and day events by filling out the Property Request form. Most activities require a certified instructor. These activities will be scheduled through the Outdoor Program Team. All other activities that are Self-Led will be assigned a time frame from the Outdoor Program Team for you to lead your groups. 
Please keep in mind the minimum and maximum participants for each group when planning your events. Please see the fee schedule for more information regarding each activity. You will be contacted by someone from the Outdoor Program Team to coordinate your activities. Please do not pre-arrange a schedule prior to being contacted.
  • Amanda the Armadillo

    This is one of the four Environmental patches available to earn at GSC properties. Girl Scout Daisies and above can complete activities in the Environmental Lab located at the Eco-Center to earn this patch. The Amanda the Armadillo workbook is available through your Service Unit, or you may pick one up at the Council Service Center or online. Instructions for Amanda activities are also provided on location. For some activities you may need to provide your own supplies. Please refer to the specific activity to see what supplies you may need to bring.

  • Archery

    Archery is available for Girl Scout Brownies and above.  During their 2 hour session, they will learn safety and basic archery skills and commands.

  • Boating

    Funoes are available for our Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies. Canoes are available for Girl Scout Brownies and above. Kayaks and Sailing are available for all Girl Scout Juniors and up. Lifeguards and instructors are included for all watercraft activities. All watercraft sessions will be scheduled for 2 hours. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are provided and must be worn by everyone that will be participating, including adults.

  • Challenge Course

    This adventure recreation program offers participants the opportunity to engage in a series of activities involving mental, physical and emotional risk-taking. It consists of problem-solving activities, games, initiatives and a series of ropes, cables and logs used to simulate challenges.

  • Compass Course

    Use basic orienteering skills when participating in our newly renovated compass course. Teach basic skills and learn new ones.  Each session runs approximately 3 hours.

  • Fishing

    Fishing is permitted year round. Cane poles are provided if reserved; troops must provide their own fishing tackle and bait. An adult watcher that has Basic Water Safety training or equivalent is required to be present with girls while fishing on any dock. Proof of certification needs to be submitted with your deposit. If you do not have someone, we will provide one for you and appropriate fees will be charges. 

    Any fish that may be caught must be released as we are a catch and release location. There is a maximum of 16 people on the dock at any one time for the safety of the participants.

  • Flag Retirement Ceremony

    Available at no cost and upon request, you can have a flag and instructions for a flag ceremony when you arrive to use at the fire ring. We have a limited supply of flags that have been donated for retirement.

  • Geocaching

    Uses orienteering skills and GPS (global positioning system) units. Directions are included with each kit as well as the coordinates at MKW. There are currently 6 GPS units available. No more than 3 girls per GPS unit for each 3 hour session. Supply boxes will be available from the ranger at check-in.

  • Hiking


    Available at no charge, troops may hike on the designated trails at Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center. Always be sure that girls are properly protected from the elements by using bug spray, sunscreen, closed toe and closed heel shoes, bandana and always have a water bottle. There are two trails that go around the property: The Blue Trail is on the West Side and the Purple Trail is on the East Side.

  • Mailbox Trails

    This is a unique outdoor educational opportunity consisting of trails with mailboxes located along the way. The mailbox trails are a great way to learn about environmental science. Each includes instruction and materials for self-led activities. 

    Completion time for each trail varies based on age and size of the group. We recommend 8-10 girls per group, Daisies and above for a 2-hour session.​

  • Pool

    Our pool is available year round (weather permitting). All non- adult participants must take a swim test prior to entering the pool; once they are evaluated they will be assigned a specific swim cap color based on their swimming ability. Swim caps will be provided by the lifeguard - please do not bring outside caps in. Adults are not required to wear swim caps; however anyone that has shoulder length or longer hair needs to be securely tied back while in the pool. 

    Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) are available for all beginning and/or non swimmers. The pool ranges from 3-5 feet. All pool sessions will be scheduled for 2 hours. Please remember that each group will need to provide the designated watchers for their group and they must watch from outside of the pool.


 Challenge Course



Girl Scouts or Citrus is proud to offer both girls and adults the opportunity to use our Nanette McLain Challenge Course! The Challenge Course is located between Ticochee Lodge and the east side units. 
In the Challenge Course setting, participants can explore solutions in a non-threatening manner. Participants are never forced to participate in any part of the Challenge Course. They are, however, encouraged to challenge themselves beyond what they would normally do.
A Challenge Course participant will:
  • Improve group skills in communication and leadership
  • Develop trust and respect for individual differences
  • Develop problem-solving abilities
  • Improve group cohesion and teamwork
  • Create a supportive environment
  • Build confidence and increase self-esteem
  • Experience personal accomplishment
  • Camporee Sampler

    This session is designed for camporee groups that want to participate in a sample session on our Challenge Course. It is designed to give larger groups an opportunity to participate in ground initiatives as well as at least 1 low element. Suitable for Girl Scout Brownies and up. 1 hour session.

  • Daisy Challenge

    Our Daisy Challenge is designed to give an opportunity to our youngest grade level of Girl Scouts and have them participate in ground initiatives and games to build self-esteem and trust. 1 hour session.

  • Full Day Program

    Team building games and activities which include 2-3 ground initiatives, 2-3 low elements and at least 1 of the following high elements: Monkey Tails, Swing By Choice or Rock Wall with Zip Line. Suitable for Girl Scout Juniors and up. 6 hour session.

  • Half-Day Program

    This program is designed for groups to experience team building games and activities, 1-2 low elements, plus 1 of the following high elements: Catwalk, Incline Log or Giants’ Ladder. Suitable for Girl Scout Juniors and up. 3 hour session.

    This program is also available for Girl Scout Brownies; however they would only participate in team building games, activities and low elements.

  • Rappel

    All participants must have Challenge Course experience on the high elements. This session is based on the participants’ personal challenges and goals. Suitable for Girl Scout Cadettes and up. 3 hour session.


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