• Admin Team
    • Kim Acevedo
      Business Services Assistant
      Kim's years of experience in Girl Scouting help her understand the all-things Girl Scouts inside and out. She loves spending time with her daughter, roaming the rooms of Ikea, and snacking on some of the goodies from the beloved Product Program - she loves each equally.
      Email | 407.228.1612

    • Patricia Goss
      Business Services Assistant
      Patricia was destined to be a Girl Scout. Her mom joined in 1943 and three generations later, they family is still going strong. Patricia joined Team Citrus after a career in teaching. She is an alum of Colorado Women's College, University of Denver and the University of Colorado (are you seeing a trend?). This mountain lover also can't get enough Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
      Email | 407.228.1654

    • Sharon Seifert
      Business Services Assistant
      After spending 4 years in Girl Scouts, 25 years in the commercial construction industry, and 2 summers in college working as a radio announcer, Sharon knows how important it is to teach girls to dream big. As a member of our Business Services Team, Sharon can't find time to pick between Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties as her all-time fave.
      Email | 407.228.1656

    • Marie Snead
      Director of Business Services
      As a proud Girl Scout mom, Marie joined us in 1996 and has been making our lives so much easier ever since. Her favorite time of the Girl Scout year is our Women of Distinction event where she may even sneak in some Peanut Butter Patties!
      Email | 407.228.1616

  • CORS Team
    • Jenn Hollern
      Vice President of Marketing and Data Management
      You're looking at Jenn's biggest Girl Scout accomplishment: redesigning the Citrus website. She joined Team Citrus in 2013 after earning her Master's at Full Sail University. Originally from Kansas, this country girl is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, loves Lemonades, and is addicted to coffee.
      Email | 407.228.1628

    • Cindy Larabee
      CORS Coordinator, Membership Data Specialist
      Years in volunteer management led Cindy to her favorite job yet: Girl Scouts of Citrus! Cindy holds a degree in Non Profit Management from Springfield College. She is currently on the look out for a 12-step program for her addiction to Pinterest, which she loves to browse while snacking on some Peanut Butter Patties!
      Email | 407.228.1639

    • Ellen Wallace
      CORS Coordinator, Program Data Specialist
      Lemonades are not just Ellen's favorite cookie. She knows how to 'turn lemons into lemonade' - ask her about camping in a downpour! Combining her passion for non-profits and youth, Ellen joined Team Citrus to spend every day her contagious smile to the organization.
      Email | 407.228.1658

  • Executive Team
    • Maryann Barry
      Chief Executive Officer
      With more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Maryann joined Team Citrus with big goals. She fell in love with the mission as a Girl Scout mom, and demonstrated her commitment during our centennial celebrations. Maryann loves spending time with her grandkids and playing a couple minutes of Angry Birds after work.
      Email | 407.228.1605

    • Sandy Gallagher
      Executive Assistant to the CEO
      Sandy joined us in 2001 even though her most vivid Girl Scout memory is surviving a tent camping trip on the coldest day of the year! Sandy loves Blueberry Pomegranate Crunch Mix and supplies our staff with chocolate candies when cravings hit.
      Email | 407.228.1605

    • Zandra Washington
      Chief of Staff
      When Zandra joined Team Citrus in 2000, she brought the same desire to build community that she found among her fellow Brownies as a Girl Scout. As Chief of Staff, she led our 100th Anniversary celebrations, including events with Walt Disney World. Zandra has degrees in Global Business Management and Human Resources Management and looks forward to Lemonades during Girl Scout Cookie season.
      Email | 407.228.1621

  • Finance Team
    • Millie Gomez
      Finance Specialist
      Spend a few minutes with Millie - you won't be surprised to know she's originally from New York. While you're chatting, ask her about setting off the Council alarm after putting in some extra hours on a Sunday. Millie celebrated her 25 years with Girl Scouts with her favorites - Lemonades.
      Email | 407.228 1614

    • Ashley Southard
      Troop Accounts Manager
      Ashley credits Girl Scouts as a primary source of character-building in her own life, so joining Team Citrus as our Troop Accounts Manager was a perfect fit. This Florida State grad loves to cheers for the Noles with a box of Thin Mints in arm's reach!
      Email | 407.228.1609

  • Fund Development Team
    • Rebecca Payne
      Chief of Fund Development
      This Pennsylvania native and Penn State-Behrend graduate still remembers her years of being a top seller in her troop. That competitive edge led her on a career path back to the Girl Scouts where she loves to share the mission of our organization with others! Outside of the office, you can find Rebecca sharing Thin Mints (preferably frozen) with her acapella group.
      Email | 407.228.1606

  • Membership
    • Naomi Allen
      Membership Recruitment Manager
      Even though Naomi only spent one year in Girl Scouts as a Brownie, she was hooked: she comes to us from a sister council in Michigan and loves Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins from the Fall Product Program! More than that, she's passionate about bringing Girl Scouts to girls in an innovative way.
      Email | 407.228.1626

    • Bonnie Kooken
      Membership Recruitment Manager, Volusia
      Bonnie has a lot of reasons to be a proud mom: not only are her own kids growing up and getting ready for college, but her Girl Scouts are fleeing the nest, too! Always on the go, Bonnie can't pick just one favorite Girl Scout product - she loves them all!
      Email | 407.228.1629

    • Kristin Ramirez
      Membership Recruitment Director
      Kristin's love of Girl Scouts (and s'mores) began during her years camping as a Brownie. Since joining Team Citrus in 2010, Kristin has seen Girl Scouts come together to make big things happen. Ask about her adoration for the Worlds to Explore Handbook and Carmel deLites!
      Email | 407.228.1615

    • Melba Rubera
      Membership Recruitment Manager
      Melba shares her love of Girl Scouts (and Caramel deLites) wherever she goes! Her favorite memory was listening to an empowering speaker at a STEM event and watching the immediate confidence and empowerment in the faces of our Girl Scouts.
      Email | 407.228.1644

    • Melody Zayas-Peña
      Membership Recruitment Manager
      You'll love talking to Melody; just pick a language! She's something of a word connoisseur, speaking nearly 5 languages including Spanish and Italian. That's why you may find her talking to herself :) Sure-fire way to ease her chatter: Girl Scout Cookies!
      Email | 407-228-1608

  • Product Team
    • Debbie Zito
      Director of Products
      You can just call Debbie the Queen of Cookies. 16 years after becoming a volunteer, this Seminole State graduate has many happy memories to choose from, including her troop being presented the Gold Award at the Governor's mansion!
      Email | 407.228.1611

  • Program Team
    • Aimee Beauchamp
      Outdoor Program Manager
      From Brownie to Ambassador, Aimee knows the ropes of being a Girl Scout. These days, this Stetson University graduate can be found camping throughout Florida, encouraging every girl to meet her full potential. You can always count on Aimee to pack Thanks-A-Lots and Peanut Butter Patties in her camping bag!
      Email | 407.228.1655

    • Ann Buckley
      Outdoor Program Business Manager
      You can find Ann empowering girls at her favorite spot - the Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center. She spends most days challenging girls to face their fears and make new friends! This Virginia Tech alum has 28 years of Girl Scout experience that she'd love to share with you over some Thanks-A-Lots!
      Email | 407.228.1659

    • Patti DeLaCruz
      Vice President of Program Development
      It was never a surprise that Patti ended up as a member of Team Citrus doing Program Development for girls - she organized skits and games for her own children and their neighborhood friends for years. Patti loves to laugh, is known to show up in costume, and munches on any Girl Scout product.
      Email | 407.228.1640

    • Kim Livingston
      Director of Program Compliance and QA
      It makes sense that the 100th Anniversary Celebration was meaningful for this 20 year Girl Scout. Visiting Juliette Gordon Low's house in Savannah confirmed her dedication to Girl Scouts - that, and her love of Peanut Butter Patties.
      Email | 407.228.1647

    • Theresa Rivera
      Director of Program
      This New Yorker traded in her sweaters for life at camp! Theresa has been with Team Citrus for over 10 years - mostly for the Caramel deLites, but she enjoys working with the girls a lot, too. In her spare time, Theresa loves to cook, dance, and spend time with her family.
      Email | 407.228.1662

    • CeCe Scott
      Program Manager - GSLE
      CeCe spent many of her Girl Scout years in Japan. When she joined Team Citrus in 2007, she extended her love for travel and took 11 girls to Europe. She earned a Master's Degree from Walden University and two Bachelor's degrees from UCF. She loves Salsa Mix and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.
      Email | 407.228.1653

  • Property Team
    • Mike Brennan
      Ranger, Riverpoint Program Center
      Mike might have a big job, but the view isn't so bad: he spends his days making sure our Riverpoint Program Center is in tip-top shape for the girls and volunteers who use it. His love for the outdoors and Thin Mints make him a great fit to be part of the the Citrus Property Team.
      Email | 407.516.7756

    • Doug Marshall
      Chief Ranger and Property Manager
      Doug's love of the outdoors makes his position the perfect fit! He is always busy helping others, so it's not a surprise that he won the Thanks Badge. When he takes some time to rest, you can be sure that he'll be snacking on some Peanut Butter Patties!
      Email |

    • Mike Rivera
      Ranger, Mah-Kah-Wee Program Center
      Ranger Mike has many memories watching Girl Scouts apply what they learn and build confidence in the process. As a facilitator, Mike challenges girls to face their fears and also loves giving morning reports during a self-created talk show called Mornings with Mike. This family man loves Caramel deLites and working on motorcycles.
      Email | 407.228.1637

  • Shop Team
    • Shellie Marshall
      Director of Retail
      Visit Shellie at our Council Shop where she'll be sure to recommend her favorites: Peanut Butter Sandwiches! You can also strike up a conversation with her about reading because this book worm has read over 600 books on her Nook!
      Email | 407.228.1628

    • Joy Reynolds
      Retail Shop Assistant
      Anyone who has ever visited the Council Shop knows that Joy's first name is a perfect fit: she'll always make you smile. Her friends and family love that she got interested in Girl Scouts as a kid - earning the cooking badges paid off. She's grateful for Girl Scouts too: good supply of Peanut Butter Bears and Lemonades.
      Email | 407.895.7467

    • Maria Teal
      Retail Shop Assistant
      Maria loves to laugh and meet new people - stop by the Council Shop and you'll see for yourself. She joined Team Citrus in 2010 and has enjoyed interacting with the girls and volunteers who visit us in downtown Orlando ever since. She can't get enough Lemonades and, like most of our girls, is obsessed with animals.
      Email | 407.895.7467

  • Volunteer Services Team
    • Lydia Jaeger
      Director of Volunteer Services
      If you have ever seen Lydia during our Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, you know that she has a deep love for Girl Scouts. She brings this passion one of the most important groups in the organization: volunteers.
      Email | 407.228.1625

    • Patty Muller
      Volunteer Training Manager
      Patty has been part of the Girl Scout Movement on every level: she spent 3 years in Girl Scouts, served as a troop leader for her daughter, volunteered at the Service Unit level, and finally joined Team Citrus in 2001 to bring her expertise to Adult Learning. She graduated from Valencia Community College, likes to do things 'by the book,' and delights in Caramel Delights.
      Email | 407.228.1603

  • Volunteer Support
    • Mary Ann Battaglia
      Volunteer Support Manager
      We're lucky that Mary became interested in Girl Scouts when her daughter joined as a Brownie. More than 10 years later, her involvement with Team Citrus has included working at cookie kick-offs at Sea World and visiting Juliette Gordon Low's house in Savannah. Mary is a twin, likes to dance, and munches on Caramel DeLites and Salsa Mix.
      Email | 407.228.1641

    • Jennifer Gillis
      Volunteer Support Manager
      Jennifer became a Girl Scout alongside her daughter and has been making an impact on the organization ever since, even earning the Appreciation Pin. We know that she loves her job all year long, but she is especially excited when Lemonades are around the office!
      Email | 407.228.1678

    • Crystal Jones
      Director of Volunteer Management
      When this busy mom isn't working in three of our six counties at Citrus Council, she's taking her own daughter to Girl Scout events! What keeps her so dedicated to the cause? She tells us it's the girls - but we know the truth. It's the cookies.
      Email | 407.228.1630

    • Susie Marsh
      Volunteer Support Manager
      At her daughter's wish, Susie became a Daisy Troop Leader in 1995. 10 years later, her Ambassadors graduated and still stay in touch today! Susie joined Team Citrus in 2012 as Volunteer Manager in Volusia County. Susie loves the Lemonades and Gummi Bears from our Product Program.
      Email | 407.228.1645

    • Argietta Rogers
      Volunteer Support Manager, Orange County
      Selling Girl Scout cookies on an Army base in Germany was one of Argietta's first memories in Girl Scouts and her dedication hasn't stopped since. After working as a US Census Trainer, she followed her heart back to Team Citrus (and back to her true love: Caramel deLites!)
      Email | 407.228.1652