managing the girl scout experience
has never been done quite like this

The Citrus Online Registration System - CORS - takes the nuts and bolts of your Girl Scout experience and places it in an easy-to-manage location.

Everything from Girl Scout activities to memberships for both girls and adults can be purchased by  families and troops. Then, watch your Girl Scout resume build in front of your eyes!



It's time for Troop Leaders to re-register their returning girls for the 2015 Girl Scout Membership year! We've made it easier than ever and have a ton of resources to help! Early Bird ends on May 16, 2014 and so do the great PRIZES!

Check out the FAQ below with common questions and problems, and download the tutorials for more assistance. Still having issues? Just send us a quick note at!



 Early Bird Documents


 Early Bird Q&A

  • General
    • Besides the amazing incentives for girls (a patch), troops (drawing for Daytona Lagoon Girl Scout Day), and Service Units (contest for $50 gift card), Early Bird makes life easier ON YOU.

      Let's face it: things are going to be busier in the summer, so locating parents will be even more difficult. And IF you miss the year-end deadline, a troop leader will lose access to all the girls, requiring parents to re-register.

      Were you around for the Fall Product 2013 Nut-E troubles?! Let's not do that again. Re-register now.
      $15 for both girls and adults. Lifetime memberships for adults will be $375 and $195 for graduating high school seniors if received (via paper form, not available online) before September 30, 2014.
  • Incentives
      Every girl who is re-registered before May 16 will receive a 2014 Early Bird Patch.

      Every troop who re-registers 100% of their returning girls will be entered into a drawing to win tickets to Girl Scout Day at Daytona Lagoon Beach on June 22.

      The Service Unit with the highest percentage of re-registered girls in their county will receive a $50 Wal-Mart gift card (2 Service Units will win in Orange County).
      Patches will be distributed by Citrus staff to the Service Unit team for dispersement to troops.
  • Issues and Fixes